Inque is a shape-shifting saboteur and a villain in DC. Her background in unspecified but she became a mercenary at one point. She was once in poverty but later became rich due to a criminal life. Inque made a fortune of becoming a mercenary and at one point was hired by Derek Powers to sabotage companies such as Foxtecha. Inque was a powerful opponent of the new Batman, using her powers to get an advantage over him.

She later joined the Inquity Collective at some point in the future.

A different version of Inque appears in the 2015 Batman Beyond comic series working for Brother Eye, being forced to serve him in order to prevent him from killing her daughter Deanna. This version of Inque later switches sides and allies with Batman to fight against Brother Eye, and even becomes the one to destroy his android-based central consciousness, killing Brother Eye but sacrificing herself in the process.