The Innkeeper is one of the minor villains from the adventure video game King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. He is the boss of a two thieves that rob people who visit the inn in Serenia.

Graham hears about the Innkeeper from the tailor that he is not a very pleasant fellow.

Graham later finds out that this is true when he visits the Swarthy Hog Inn for the first time. He apologizes to the Innkeeper and his two allies from interrupting their conversation. The Innkeeper, however, orders his pal to knock Graham out and rob him. The Innkeeper then ties Graham up and locks him in the inn's cellar. Luckily, the rat that Graham saved from a cat rescues him and gnaws the rope off of him.

If Graham did not rescue the rat, the player will lose the game. If Graham rescued the rat but did not get the hammer to break out of the cellar, the player will also lose the game.

The Innkeeper will kill Graham if he goes back to the bar and discovers that Graham has escaped from the cellar.

The Innkeeper cannot be defeated in the game, and since Graham escaped the inn, he is still at large robbing people who visit the inn.