Inner Drac Face
I am the blood that runs through your veins. I am the dark shadow that chills the hearts of men as you pass. I am your fury, your hate, and your vengeance. I am your destiny!
~ Inner Dracula

Inner Dracula is a boss in Lords of Shadow 2 and the sentince of Castlevania.

It serves as a major antagonist to Dracula.

It is voiced by Scottish actor Robert Carlyle (who also voiced Dracula).

In Game Description

From the arrival of the first night, the curse of the vampire has corrupted the hearts of the creatures of darkness, tempting them with supernatural powers and subjecting them to their twisted will. The dark blood has prepared for generations and now runs through the veins of the Prince of Darkness, filling each of his actions with ire, hate, and vengeance.

There is nothing stronger than its influence, except for Dracula's love for his son. It is the last pure emotion he has; his only guide in a world that is falling apart with each step. Defending it means rebelling against his own nature and facing the darkest side of his being. It is a diabolic image of himself that has been fed by Gabriel's enormous resentment of God. Leaving the body and showing its abominable shape, the cursed blood faces its host in an unprecedented fight that will define his own fate and that of his family.