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~ Vladimir Makarov in the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer for the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is a Russian Ultranationalist terrorist cell lead by Ultranationalist leader Vladimir Makarov in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and is the cell that was responsible for the Zakhaev International Airport during the events of "No Russian". The organization's name wasn't revealed until Modern Warfare 3 (especially in Multiplayer).


The Inner Circle is a group of terrorist that are loyal to serve Makarov and carry out his commands. The organization's goal in the Modern Warfare era was to rule over Europe in order to start an Empire with Makarov as the supreme ruler. To start this, the organization, through the bomb-maker of the group, Volk, ordered cargo full of chemical WMDs from the Somolian Militia and their leader. The chemical weapons were first shown detonated at the end of "Mind the Gap" where it killed many people in London (including some SAS operators, excluding Sergeants Burns and Wallcroft). Before this, Makarov ordered his men to hijack the Russian President's plane in order to kidnap him and his daughter to force him to hand over the launch codes of nuclear warheads to launch at Europe. The group also went as far as to kill many best soldiers in the world, including Sgt. Jackson, Lt. Vasquez, PFC Allen, Sgt. Kamarov, Soap, and his friend-turned-enemy Yuri. The organization eventually crumbled after Task Force 141 and Delta Force rescued the Russian President and his daughter in a Siberian diamond mine. The group was then completely eliminated as a threat when Makarov was killed by Captain Price at the Hotel Oasis in the Arabian Peninsula.


The ideals and political beliefs of the Inner Cirlce are never fully revealed however they have fierce lolyalty to Makarov and view him as a revolutionary figure. Looking at the logo of the organization with the crown it is believed that the Inner Circle plans to recreate the Russian Empire and have it takeover the entire continent of Europe with Makarov as the ruling Tsar. The Inner Circle itself is made from the extremist branch of the Ultranationalist party that fell apart when Imran Zakhaev died and Boris Vorshevesky became President of Russia and the moderate wing seized power and the extremist wing immediatly went to Makarov and supported him. In order to create their new empire the Inner Circle launched multiple terrorist attacks including an airport massacre leading to an all out war between the United States and Russia. Russian military forces had soon conquered over half of Europe by 2017 leading to the US military to launch an invasion of Europe. The organization has also went to the extreams to make sure peace is never reached and thus abduct Boris and his daughter to prevent diplomatic peace only to have them rescued in Siberia.


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