Inmate 297 is the main antagonist of the 2015 body horror film The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence). He is a prisoner at the George H. W. Bush Prison and the enemy of the Warden Bill Boss.

The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

Inmate 297 is a part of many inmates at George H. W. Bush Prison and show complete hatred and disrespect for the sadistic loudmouthed bully Warden Bill Boss. Inmate 297 appears mostly to have the most hatred and mocks and threatens Bill several times, with Bill himself showing contempt for 297. When dealing with an inmate, 297 threatens Bill from his cell and claims he will rape him.

In an attempt to sort out the prisoners, Bill Boss ordered mass castration and 297 was selected as the first candidate. Bill then personally castrated him with a hot knife and had his balls cooked and eaten. Visiting 297 in the prison hospital, the prisoner was not phased and threatened that once he gets out he will rape Bill with barbed wire, ultimately causing more distress to him.

Bill later had a dream of being raped by 297 and this led to him agreeing to an idea by right-hand man Dwight Butler to create a Human Prison Centipede, basing the idea of The Human Centipede horror series. The two movies First Sequence and Full Sequence were shown back to back to the prisoners, which resulted in a riot as they tried to kill Bill and Dwight. However armed SWAT teams arrived to control the situation and they were all apprehended.

In the prison hospital 297 was awaiting to be put into the 500-person centipede. Bill took the decision to have 297's mouth attached to an inmate with Crohn's disease as he had constant diarrhea. 297 begged Bill not to put him into the centipede creation, but this fell on deaf ears and he was put under anesthetic and later put into the prison centipede creation.