The Ink Blots are the main antagonists of the Soyuzmultfilm 1965 animated short The Adventures of Comma and Point.

The Ataman was voiced by Anatoli Papanov, while the other three were voiced by Georgin Vitsin.


They come from spilled ink from Boris struggling on punctuation in his assignment. The Ink Blobs unstained themselves as the boy left. They want to lure, and capture the protagonists Comma and Point. They continuously chase the two in land and by boat. When they were in the boat, they struggled on balancing the boat during their pursuit, and three Ink Blots get dissolved when they fall into the milk. The leader of the Ink Blobs survives the boat sequence and continued to chase Comma and Point but due to his partial contact with the milk, he is slowly dissolving and shrinking until he is no more.


The Ink Blots are four anthropomorphic monster inks with a dull blue color that don't like the ink people they hate. Their leader, the Blot Ataman, is the biggest, having pincers and an eye-patch. The second one is thin, tall and has a floating blob above him, as well as having many legs when moving fast like a spider. The third one is shaped like a teardrop and has four blobs above him. And the fourth one is small lemon-shaped, and has no special ability. They all have big, grinning mouths. The former two have big noses while the latter two have very short noses.