Injun Joe is the main antagonist of 2016 Modernized tale Of The Tom Sawyer and The adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, also called Band Of Robbers.


Well he's more like a malefactor who want anything he want, one night he goe to the funeral home where a man called Doc Robinson, he wasn't that Huck and Tom was hiding in a casket, he kill Doc Robinson and go looking for the casket of a man. But after giving up his search, he go in the hall that's where he heard Tom cellphone, when one of his accomplice go looking for the cell, Huck and Tom run and Joe shut at them , but they escape before he catch them.

Later he hide in Harper car and menacing him where his friends was, Huck was going to help Jorge and Tom was handcuffed by Becky who discover his lies, when Joe arrived to Tom and Becky house he shot Becky in the shoulder and he wanted to kill Tom, after he chased Huck and Tom to grocery store where the clerk tried to trick him , so he cannot see the two guys run away, but he see them , he shot at gaz fuel of the car to make them stop and wanted to steal the car of a old woman, but she then shot him in the head and Joe died after this.