I had you all summoned here because I want to offer you a choice. The recent troubling revelation of these mortals who possess power akin to ours cannot be allowed to threaten us. I've done what I can to keep them under my observation, but the time has come to take a fresh step. A united front among all First could withstand any threat. I must reunite Elysia. It will take a strong leader to unite us. [...] You have all sided with me in the past. Show me that same devotion now. All those who willingly provide that which I need will gain favor in my eyes. Consider this carefully...we are all taught to place one's self before all; to serve me now is to save yourself. Those who cross me or withhold help from me would be wise to remember the volume of my anger, the strength of my dungeon walls, and the ferocity of my disappointment. I am the strongest of our House. This is not a boast, but pure fact. You have all felt the sting of my power. Keep in mind the anger that fuels me. You all owe me. I'm collecting but a small fraction of that debt. If you fail me now...I will remember. The choice is yours. Back me...or make an enemy of me. Your eyes betray the deadly fire of your hatred. Good. I'm basking in its warmth. Send me your power. Hate me all you like, but you'll each manifest what's needed...because you really have no choice.
~ Ingra's speech to the other members of House Sinister

Ingra is a villainess appearing in the CrossGen universe, primarily the comic book The First. She is the leader of House Sinister and one of the original titular First that were created by Solusandra, as well as the mother of Persha.

In the past, Ingra was romantically involved with Pyrem, the leader of House Dexter, but a difference in ideologies led to their breakup. Around this time, she had become pregnant with Persha, but after separating from Pyrem, she took Braag as her lover and pretended that he was the child's father.

In The First, Ingra schemes to unite Elysia under her rule, and entices both Braag and Seahn to aid her in her plot. However, she is out-maneuvered by both men, who remove her from her position as leader of House Sinister. Ingra ends up being held captive by Ervulsh, a spider-being who intends to make her his queen. Fortunately, Pyrem learns of Ingra's predicament and rescues Ingra from Ervulsh's clutches. Once freed, Ingra shares a passionate embrace with her ex-lover, rekindling their romance.

Ingra returns to House Dexter with Pyrem, and claims to have changed and no longer wishes to rule. This is proven false when Ingra draws on the power she had given to various others throughout the CrossGen universe to replenish her own diminished power.