Infrared Ivan is the main antagonist of the My Life As A Teenage Robot episode See No Evil. He is a giant eyeball who wants to see every world.

He was voiced by the late Joe Alaskey.


Early life

Infrared Ivan was an eye alien who lived at a planet filled with giant eyes.

Arrival On Earth

Infrared Ivan arrived from his home planet and tricked Jenny, Brad and Tuck to him in which he stole glasses, eye liner and contact lenses. Jenny realized that the eye's weakness is his retina and it was filled with dust, hot sauce, a burn from a magnifying glass and a pointy stick that heavily irritated him.

Return To Earth


  • "They are nothing compared to the might of the All-Seeing Infrared Ivan!"
  • "Puny humans trying to challenge me with their contacts, biphotos and telescopes!"
  • "But no one shall be allowed to match my visionary powers!"
  • "All the world's eyewear will be mine and mine alone! And there's nothing you can do to stop me!"
  • "Irritation! Destroying me!"
  • "Now, I'll take care of you! AHHHHHH! Anything! Anything to stop the burning!"
  • "Can you take me to my Optometrist?"


  • A comedic parody of the Eye of Sauron.
  • He is voiced by the late Joe Alaskey, who also voiced Daffy Duck.