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Collecting information about the students enrolled at this school is my hobby. It's earned me the nickname Info-chan.
~ Info-chan

Info-chan is the deuteragonist in Yandere Simulator. She is Yandere-chan's main source of help and information.


Info-chan is, according to the outdated intro, the one who initially encouraged Yandere-chan into killing her rivals.

It is said that she needs interesting things to happen in the school, like mass murder, so she can write more interesting articles in the school's currently failing newspaper. YandereDev stated that originally, she was the main antagonist in the game and commented about an ending in which Yandere-chan would have to fight her, however, this idea was thrown out for unknown reasons.


In the old intro of the game, Info-chan appears to wear the default female school uniform. She has short red hair, red eyes and red glasses. Her skin is slightly tanned.  She appears to be very mischievous because of the way she is expressed (half-closed eyes and a teeth-baring grin). However, as the aforementioned intro is outdated, her appearance may have changed.

Info-Chan appears to be mischievous, and somewhat perverted due to her lewd "past time." She seems very intelligent, and rather nerdy.

She is also somewhat of a sadist, as she is seen goading Ayano into killing her rivals. If Ayano sends her a photo of a corpse, Info-chan will congratulate her on her kill.



  • Fans theorize that she would might be The Journalist's daughter.
  • She is one of Yandere Dev's favorite characters in the game, the other being Ayano's mother, Ryoba Aishi.
  • She was originally going to have a boss battle with Ayano on the roof of Akademei high school, but this was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Info-chan resides in the exclusive and inaccessible Info Club.
    • The Info Club is an exception of following the school rules for reasons that will later be explained.
  • She is one of the few students with the Evil persona.
  • According to Yandere Dev, if Info-chan were in Hogwarts, she would in the Ravenclaw house.