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Trying to look up my information? Don't bother. There is nothing that you need to know about me. You're a client, and I'm a provider. That's all we need to know about each other.
~ Info-chan

Info-chan is the main character in Yandere Simulator, who currently attends Akademi High School. She is Yandere-chan's main source of help and information, performing several tasks such as introducing rivals to Yandere-chan. She also provides Yandere-chan with items and scheme walkthroughs in exchange for panty shots. Info-chan was originally going to be the main antagonist of Story Mode and would have ended up being Yandere-chan's final rival, but this idea was discontinued. According to YandereDev, explaining why this change was made would be a spoiler. As of now, her motivations and ultimate goals are currently unknown; they are stated to be a plot twist that will be important to the game's story in the future.


The most distinctive in the look of Info-chan, are her glasses. They have red frames, and under the light, they shine in white, giving the girl a bit scary and mysterious style. Her hair and eyes, are red, and she wears the default female school uniform.


"Info-chan" is the nickname given to an information broker who specializes in collecting and selling dark secrets. Nobody knows her real name. Nobody knows what her face looks like. Nobody knows how she gathers her information. Nobody knows how she has gained such a dangerous amount of power and influence over such a short span of time. Some people don't even believe she really exists. What people DO know is that, if you want a favor from her, all you need to do is text her a photograph of a girl's panties...and if she wants a favor from YOU, you'd better do exactly as she asks...or else.


Old Intro

In Old intro, she gets Yandere-chan to meet her in person in a classroom, where she states that she is president of the school's Newspaper Club and needs interesting things to happen at Akademi High School, like mass murders, so that she can write more attention-grabbing articles for the school's currently failing student newspaper. She encourages a somewhat reluctant Yandere-chan to stir up some violent trouble and to take panty shots.

New Intro

In New intro, Info-chan contacts Yandere-chan in a text message, telling her she's seen her stalking her Senpai, and proposes her help. She doesn't reveal too much about herself, and she does not give a clear reason for helping Yandere-chan out. She just tells Yandere-chan that she would be happy if something bad happened to Osana Najimi, a girl who made an appearance in the first intro as Senpai's tsundere childhood friend and is the first rival of the game. Info-chan wants Yandere-chan to make Osana suffer, though her reasons for this are not stated. In contrast to the first intro, where Yandere-chan shows great reluctance to committing violent and sadistic deeds, Yandere-chan's morals are twisted enough by her obsessive love for Senpai that it is easy for Info-chan to persuade her to eliminate her first rival.


On the official webside of the game, her personality is "Unscrupulous", but in the game her personality is marked with question marks as well as other information about her.

In the old intro, Info-chan was the President of the Newspaper Club and more open person. She met Yandere-chan in real life and told a lot of details about herself. She seems outwardly confident and very curious, as finding out secrets about other students is a hobby of hers, not just a job. She's very ambitious, as she wants her newspaper to become popular badly enough that she goes to the trouble of asking Yandere-chan to stir up turmoil. Info-chan seemed dedicated to her work and apparently poured her heart and soul into running the school newspaper. Her desire that Yandere-chan not kill off the entire school wasn't out of sympathy or humanity, but due to the fact that the newspaper would die if no one was alive to read it.

In the new intro, Info-chan is the President of the info Club and a more mysterious person. She contacted Yandere-chan via SMS and didnt say much about herself. She specifically wants Osana to get hurt in some awful way, but the reason for it is currently unknown. She's willing to set Yandere-chan, an obsessed sociopath, against a rival who has a crush on Senpai.

In the current game, Info-chan has a bad reputation for selling dark secrets and panty shots. It can be inferred that she is a mischievous character, and given her willingness to incite murder, voyeurism, gossip, and bullying, and her apparent indifference to the effects of her actions on others, she likely has low moral standards. In both intros, Info-chan is shown to be uncaring towards other people. She doesn't feel guilt or remorse when harming others for her own personal gain. She also tends to be very persistent in her goals. Info-chan is extremely intelligent and resourceful, being able to probably learn anything if she really wanted. She also is very crafty and hard-working, gathering information through unknown ways on her computer all day long. By the fans of the game, Info-chan is considered a "cut-throat champion" because of the fact that, in both intros, when Ayano offended her, Info-chan was able to bite her effectively.

She has the persona of "Evil" which would mean, as an NPC, she would encourage crime.



The Journalist - speculated father of Info-chan


The planned battle scene between Yandere-chan and Info-chan

The daughter of Journalist

Many fans speculate that Info-chan is the daughter of a Journalist who he mentions on Mysterious Tapes. This is mainly because of how he describes himself, his daughter and what kind of father he was. Journalist metions that it was very difficult to love his own infant daughter, knowing that his wife was dead because of her, so she practically had to raise herself. Perhaps this childhood was the reason for how unscrupulous person became Info-chan. Journalist metions also that she spends all of her time on her computer, who she bought it herself and she seems to have a lot of money for someone her age. Info-chan in her Info Club exactly, sits at the computer and she have a lot of money from selling panty shots. He metions too that Sometimes she comes home with blood on her clothing. Journalist metions that he still know how to track a person down and how to learn a person's secrets. Maybe it was after him Info-chan inherited these abilities.

The Final Boss

Info-chan was originally going to be the main antagonist of Story Mode and would have ended up being Yandere-chan's final rival, but this idea was discontinued. According to YandereDev, explaining why this change was made would be a spoiler. Many fans who, speculate that Info-chan is the daughter of a Journalist think that's may be the reason. Info-chan in the old intro, metions that she wants to become a Journalist and is very knowledgeable about mother Yandere-chan. It is possible, that she learned the tapes that her father left for her, and then decided to take revenge on Ryoba Aishi, by damaging her daughter. When she found her, she stalk her and saw how Yandere-chan fall in love with Senpai. She decided to persuade her to commit the murders and pretend she wanted to help her, in the hope of being arrested, and when that was not successful, she decided to kill Yandere-chan.

Connection with Yui Rio

Portret Yui z 18-3-2017

Yui Rio - speculated second identity or related Info-chan

Yui Rio is one of the first NPCs added to the game. It would not be strange, if it weren't for the fact, that she is very similar to Info-chan. Like her, Yui has red hair and eyes. Her hairstyle is different from the info-chan hairstyle, but it is also similar to her hairstyle. Unlike info-chan, her bangs are not flush to the right side of her head, but to the left side. Her hair is also furred in the short ponytail, on the right side of her head. But, just like info-chan, her hair reaches to her shoulders and they are slightly prickly (she even has similar strands like Info-chan on her head, but on her ponytail). Also, Yui doesn't wear glasses and while Info-chan has white socks, Yui has red stockings and red friendship bracelet. However, appearance is not the only thing, that connects Info-chan and Yui Rio. Yui Rio is currently the only NPC in the game, who has a personality "Evil". and YandereDev has confirmed, that Info-chan also, has this personality. This made many fans of the game start to theorize, about connection, that Info-chan and Yui Rio may have.

The same person

One of the most popular theories, about connection Info-chan and Yui Rio, is that, they are the same person. YandereDev confirmed that, the alias "Info-chan" is extremely notorious, because, the whole school knows what she does, thats why, the anonymous information broker known as "Info-chan" has a reputation of -999, but, nobody knows who she really is, so, Info-chan's true identity has a reputation of 0. It is possible, that Info-chan's true identity, is Yui Rio, so when she is "Info-chan", she has dissolved hair, wears glasses and white socks, but when she is herself - Yui Rio, she cuts her hair in a ponytail, removes her glasses, wears red stockings and red friendship bracelet. However, none of the students know, what Info-chan looks like, except Yandere-chan, so maybe that's why she changes her appearance - to be not recognized by her client. But, because they are allies, if she is alone and witnesses the murder, she praises Yandere-chan and assures her that she will not tell anyone what she sees and then escapes from school. The next day, she will be pleased with Yandere-chan, but she will not want to talk with her in order not to be involved in murder. It is also possible for Yandere-chan not recognize her, but, if she see only corpse or witness a murder by a slave, the next day you will be able to talk to her. In turn, if she witnesses the murder, along with several other students, she may be one of four people who will apprehended the main character. If Yandere-chan has their phone aimed at her, she will become annoyed and cover her face, what can also do for Yandere-chan not recognize her, but, both Info-chan and Yui Rio have profile in Information from Info-chan.

However, this theory is currently not possible due to the fact that Info-chan is still in the Info Club while Yui is at the same time located in other places and if Yandere-chan kills Yui, Info-chan will still be alive.

Sisters or cousins

One of the most popular theories, about connection Info-chan and Yui Rio, is that, they are sisters or cousins. In the Yandere-chan family - the Aishi Family, all members looked similar to each other (they had black hair and eyes), but, most importantly, "Yandere" personality was inherited from generation to generation. It was possible that the Info-chan family was similar, and most members had red hair and eyes and had "Evil" personality. So if Info-chan and Yui Rio would be related, this explain why they are so similar to each other.

Many fans speculate that they are sisters. However, if Yandere-chan sends Info-chan a picture of Yui's corpse, Info-chan congratulates her. Even if Info-chan is a very unscrupulous person, which death does not make any impression, it is unknown if it would be cruel so much, that even killing her sister does not impress her.

Fans who also believe in the theory that Info-chan is the daughter of a journalist, believe that Yui Rio could be her cousin, more than a sister. This would mean that one of Yui Rio's parents is a sibling of one of Info-chan's parents. Because both Info-chan and Yui Rio have a "Evil" personality, their parents, who are siblings, also probably have a "Evil" personality. On the official webside of the game, Journalist personality is "Determined", and he is good person, so more likely that it was after the deceased mother, Info-chan inherited her personality and her mother is the sister of one of Yui Rio's parents, who also have this personalty and passed it on to daughter.



  • The original Info-chan model is the so-called "Honoka Futaba" purchased by YandereDev on the Asset Store, along with models Yandere-chan, Senpai and Osana Najimi.
  • Like Yandere-chan, YandereDev wanted to change Info-chan's look and give her something to look forward to. This thing, it turned out to be her characteristic glasses. Her current haircut was designed by Aea, who also designed for her original uniform, but was not used.
  • Her voice actress is Cayla Martin.
  • In "Yandere Simulator: Male Introduction Video" was shown her male counterpart. His name was Info-kun, and his voice actor was Jonah Scott. In truth, it was just a joke from YandereDeva, but it is not excluded that this model will have Info-chan if we play Yandere-kun.
  • YandereDev confirmed in this post that the reason why Info-chan wears glasses is that she is nearsighted. The reason for this eye defect is probably the fact, that all day working on the computer and it in addition to the dark. It is also possible, that she inherited one of her parents.
  • For a moment, YandereDev was considering changing her alias to a "Sidekick-chan".
  • Druelbozo jokingly stated that Info-chan's real name is "Gary" in one of his streams at 00:58:00
  • Info-chan will most likely be the only character who is only known by aliases, keeping their true identity a secret.
  • Info-chan is more of a 'gameplay mechanic' rather than a character, so murdering her would be like removing the run button in a game. Kidnapping Info-chan will not be an option either.
  • She is Yandere Dev's favorite of main characters in the game,
  • Formerly she was the President of the Newspaper Club, but currently she is the President of the info Club
  • The Info Club is an exception of following the school rules for reasons that will be explained in Headmaster Tapes.
  • When YandereDev previously stated that Info-chan would not be seen at school, he considered her appearing in places that Yandere-chan couldn't access in the future like G-Man from the Half-Life series
  • She may keep a personal diary.
  • Info-chan has many criminal contacts and many ways to obtain illegal things, but guns she can't obtain.
  • If Info-chan was in Hogwarts, she would be a Ravenclaw.