We spent millions on that name, Prefect. Start liking it or start packing
~ Zarniwoop

InfiniDim Enterprises is an evil organization in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is the successor of The Hitchhiker's Guide.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was usurped and infiltrated by the Vogons and turned into a new organization solely to make the Guide Mark II. The new organization was named the InfiniDim Enterprises, and instead of helping poor hitchhikers and their wives ("What a stupid notion that was!") they help budding enterpreneurs and their businesses.


InfiniDim Enterprises has the same offices as the Guide, on Ursa Minor, and the planet has been corrupted by the infiltration. The nature of the InfiniDim Enteprises is to keep a very careful watch on their employees. Ford tells Zarniwoop he has seen the future, and it's nothing but faster cars and smellier air. Zarniwoop says it's one future, and he could make millions of others


The InfiniDim Enterprises came about sometime during the events of Life, the Universe and Everything and So Long and Thanks for all the Fish. InfiniDim corrupts the Guide offices and employs loads of Vogons to work as henchmen, which confuses Ford because people who work for the Guide should come from sunny places. The Guide also employs merciless robots, but Ford corrupts one of these so it is optimistic and delights in working with him. The InifiniDim Enterprises also hosts a lot of authorized access areas which means that only high level executives can visit sealed-off rooms. Ford gets through this with Zarniwoop's card.

InfiniDim is bankrupted by Ford when they ask him if he wants to be their food critic, but Ford steals Zarniwoop's card and he breaks in. He also spends a huge bill in the Domain of the King Bar & Grill which bankrupts the Enterprise. Ford pretends to feel for them, but then says "screw them."

Ford seems to crash the company but they hire the Vogons to blow up Earth in vengeance and they profit from this again.


Just as the Guide could be seen as an expy of Wikipedia; the InfiniDim Enterprises could be seen as a Twitter expy, hence its Guide as a bird.