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Infernal Train (Alice Madness Returns)

The Infernal Train is an evil location and an evil creation in the video game Alice: Madness Returns. It's a giant train forged of grim-looking masonry and steel controlled by the main antagonist- The Dollmaker.


The Infernal Train is a huge, fiery and truly horrifying locomotive. It has giant buildings on and in the train, making it seem like a bizarre union between a giant cathedral and a demonic train.

Alice: Madness Returns

The Infernal Train was made by both the March Hare and Dormouse some time after they betrayed the Mad Hatter. Apparently, it was a defense made by Alice's mind to keep Wonderland safe; however, Dr. Bumby managed to take control of it and turn it from a protector into a destroyer. It's the one responsible for creating the creatures known collectively as the Ruin, for destroying the old version of Wonderland and for trying to erase all of Alice's memory of the fire that killed off her family.

The Train is first seen at the end of Hatter's Domain, as it leaves the station. It is later seen destroying parts of Wonderland (most notably the Carpenter's theater). At the end of the game, it serves as the final level (and the final boss' lair).

After the Dollmaker, and his real-life counterpart; Dr. Angus Bumby were killed, it's likely that the Infernal Train was destroyed as well.

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