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The Infected are humans and/or other lifeforms that have been mutated by the Blacklight Virus. During the first outbreak, some were born from Elizabeth Greene's will, such as the hunters, and could be found throughout New York City.

Most were either developed in Hives that were located throughout the city, or bred in infected water towers, which were also prevalent throughout Manhattan Island. During the second outbreak, some forms of the infected were the result of Alex Mercer's will and developed in underground Lairs.

Many new types of infected started appearing. These also include Evolved, Alex's unofficial organization whom members are functions as spies in Blackwatch and Gentek as well as his personal army.

Types of Infected


They are infected civilians whom still retain their humanity and mindset. Many of them are civilians whom unknowingly infected by Blacklight Virus, but still behave normally due to them yet to shown any symptoms. Though some Blackwatch or Military personnel can also became one of these, they yet to pose much threat until they finally succumbed to the virus.


They are citizens (as well as Military and Blackwatch members) that infected by Blacklight virus during both first and second outbreak. There are 2 types of the zombies, the regular zombies and walkers, zombies whom modified within the hive with different strain and incubated until being released into the stronger, dangerous forms. They have undergone minor mutations, becoming carnivorous walking corpses virtually devoid of intelligence and driven completely by their base instinct to feed and procreate the virus by infecting others.

Infected Citizens

Heller 5

Zombies fights Heller

They are infected individual whom whom ultimately succumbed to the virus and undergo minor mutations, becoming carnivorous walking corpses virtually devoid of intelligence and driven completely by their base instinct to feed and procreate the virus by infecting others. Their augmented characteristics include increased damage resistance (or perhaps higher pain tolerance), enhanced strength, and various different growths and deformities.

Though their attacks were lethal, they are too weak against larger variants of the infected and armored vehicles.  The largest threat that they present is a minor hindrance, even when they gather en masse. They behaves similar with George Romero's zombies though is more challenging to deal with.


Walker prototype zombie

Walker Zombie

They are infected people whom infected by different strain of Blacklight Virus and incubated within a hive before released from large pustule-like growths on the hive's outer walls, resulting the more deadlier variation of the mutant zombie. Unlike regular mutant zombies, Walkers had massive deformities all over their bodies and well-developed muscle mass. Clothing was often very tattered, in shreds and barely hanging onto their fleshy hides. The Walkers were capable of killing a foot soldier in a single blow, jumping inhuman heights and crawling up vertical surfaces.

Though each walker's appearance are varies, yet all shared one characteristic; their signature blade, a very incomplete and under-developed version of Mercer's Blade. This weapon was capable of piercing bullet-proof armor, yet failed to do anything more than low damage to Mercer unless the Walkers attacked in great numbers. Males were larger than their female counterparts, with their largest variation being a dark skinned, bloated body.


Hunter Prototype


Hunters are the main offensive force of the Infected, and are the most common infected variant that actually pose a real threat to Mercer. They are usually found near Hives and Water Towers, as these are their breeding grounds. All hunters are created in more sophisticated way than zombies.

The Hunters are presumed to have been human like zombies at one point, since they have a vaguely hominid appearance, however, they have been drastically altered by the virus. The most notable change is their size; they are at least twice as large as the average human being, and much stronger.


Hydra prototype vs alex

A hydra attacking Alex

Hydras are large, worm/tentacle-like incarnations of the Blacklight virus. They possess a jagged, horizontal maw at their end that gives them a forked appearance. It's unknown whether they either created from humans or worms that infected by Blacklight virus, but whatever creature that they originally was at one point, the mutation eventually gives birth to these giant monsters.

A Hydra will emerge from the ground when it senses a threat, such as a tank or a helicopter. When the enemy moves outside of the Hydra's range, however, it will retreat underground once more, possibly to move to a more effective location. All Hydras are controlled by Elizabeth Greene, as when she dies, no more Hydras showed up.

In Prototype 2, one of the captured Hydras was consumed by Heller, resulting in the mutation where he gained Tendril power.


Elizabeth Green Mother

Mother, Elizabeth Greene's monster form

After having near complete mastery over the redlight Virus and its mutations, Elizabeth Greene creates Mother, a gigantic monstrosity that she mentally controlled from the inside. Erupting from the ground to confront Mercer and the military, she appears as a repulsive mass of infected biological matter standing over 20 feet in height. The mass is supported by something resembling a spinal column, which is protected by three thick, tentacle-like growths.


Brawler Hunter

Brawler Hunters

More powerful versions of hunters that created in the second outbreak. Brawlers can be distinguished by the growth of spikes on their backs.

The Brawlers somewhat serves as wardogs for the Evolved forces via Pack Leader ability as some Evolved members are seen summoning and controlling the brawler hunters as their minion to fight Heller. After consuming Karen Archer, one of the Evolved whom controlling the brawler hunters, he can summon up to four brawler hunters as his own minions for battle.


JuggernautsPrototype infected


Juggernauts are the "Tanks" of the infected army created during the second outbreak. Most Juggernauts are found inside Infected Lairs located in NYZ and are occasionally accompanied by Brawlers. Juggernauts are powerful creatures, built with durable, obese bodies, thick and stubby legs, large fists, and jaws broken into three separate parts. They are capable of dealing tremendous damage to enemies and the environment around them while blocking projectiles directed towards them, thus truly earning the name "Juggernaut". Some Juggernauts have the ability to create groundspikes similar to Mercer's Claw Groundspike ability. These variants are called "Alpha Juggernauts". These Juggernauts are darker, have large growths on their backs and excrete a type of "gas" similar to the type that Heller excretes when he uses his Pack Leader ability. Alpha Juggernauts have more health and do more damage than their regular counterparts.

Heller briefly used two of these beast to find his daughter.


Behemoth Prototype Heller

A rampaging Goliath that seen by Heller

Infected behemoths that larger than juggernauts. They appeared to be vaguely humanoid, though larger than a building of several stories. They also appeared to lack skin on most of their body, displaying their bare musculature. Also, their face are also severely lacking in skin, which will give them an almost skeletal look. Noticeably, all four of their limbs are in different proportions. In spite of this, they move surprisingly fast, with oddly-angled back legs and front arms like a massive gorilla.


Flyers prototype


Local birds which mutated into flying monsters and aerial forces of the infected forces. Flyers have pinkish flesh, scraggly feathers, have batlike wings under their falling feathers on both sides, and gnarled faces. Their wingspan is approximately two meters and they have enough sufficient bulk to knock a helicopter out of the sky. They resemble the appearance of vultures.


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Notable Infected