Ah, you must be Spyro! You're larger than I expected.
~ Ineptune with her first encounter with Spyro.

Ineptune is the secondary antagonist in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. She is an evil mermaid who resides in the Coastal Remains homeworld enlisted by Red to stop Spyro.


Ineptune inhabited the sea and wrecked havoc on the Coastal Remains homeworld under Red's command. Having never seen any dragons in her lifetime, Ineptune confirmed that Spyro was "larger than she expected", surprising Spyro who told her that normally people he fought said that he was smaller than they expected. Ineptune then claimed that she rarely sees dragons, and soon attacked Spyro by breathing toxic near the purple dragon.

Spyro saw that her weakness was her purple belt, and was able to defeat her by ramming into it and sending her slamming into the walls of the arena. Defeated, Ineptune disappeared into the toxic water all the while lamenting that she was defeated by 'a pygmy pipsqueak so tiny that she couldn't see him with a miscroscope'.

Powers and Abilities

Ineptune has a fairy under her control, the fairy of water. With this fairy's power, she is able to shoot a toxic liquid out of her mouth at Spyro. She also has the power to throw boulders.