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This is the most dangerous creature, that ever walked the Earth!
~ Gunnar Eversol introducing the Indoraptor to auctioneers.

The Indoraptor is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 science fiction adventure film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He was a new hybrid dinosaur genetically created by the scientist Henry Wu as a successor to the Indominus rex that broke loose and went on a rampage across the site of the Jurassic World theme park on the island of Isla Nublar three years prior to the events of Fallen Kingdom.


The Indoraptor was created by Dr. Henry Wu from the DNA of the deceased Indominus rex and a Velociraptor, but he was psychopathic, and there was no more genetic material used to create it. As a result, Wu required DNA from the retrieved Indominus remains and the Velociraptor named Blue, the last remaining of the Velociraptor pack Owen Grady trained, to create a better version of the Indoraptor.

Later on, Gunnar Eversol began the auction and introduced the Indoraptor as "the most dangerous creature to walk the earth", hoping to sell it. However, Owen released a juvenile Stygimoloch named Stiggy from its cage, disrupting the auction. The Indoraptor escaped from his cage after Ken Wheatley attempted to retrieve one of his teeth as a trophy. After playing possum, the Indoraptor killed Wheatley and a fleeing Eversoll.

The Indoraptor then stalked Maisie Lockwood and tried to kill Owen. However, Blue intervened at the last moment and battled the Indoraptor to the death. Blue finally killed the Indoraptor by pushing him through a glass roof, resulting in him being fatally impaled on the horns of a Triceratops skull on display, in Benjamin Lockwood's library of dinosaur skeletons.


The Indoraptor is an aggressive and violent hybrid who apparently inherited the Indominus' acute intellect (displayed this by playing possum after sedated by Wheatley) and violent tendencies. There are some distinctions in his behavior compared to that of the Indominus', though. While the Indominus seemed to be in a state of perpetual anger and her attacks were her lashing out, the Indoraptor had a sense of humor and took amusement in his actions, which was shown when he visibly smirked maliciously when pretending to be tranquilized.



  • In an interview with Colin Trevorrow, it was confirmed that the Indoraptor will be the last hybrid dinosaur to appear in the Jurassic Park franchise.
  • While the species of this individual was named Indoraptor, it is uncertain what the real name of the individual dinosaur was.
  • Alongside Lewis Dodgson, the Indominus rex, Vic Hoskins and Eli Mills, Indoraptor is considered as one of the darkest villains in the Jurassic Park franchise.


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