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NOTE: This article is about the first Indominus rex, not the entire species, as nothing is known about the motives of the second Indominus rex.

This is the story of the hybrid dinosaur killing-machine known as the Indominus rex from the 2015 sci-fi adventure blockbuster film Jurassic World.



InGen's chief scientist, Dr. Henry Wu, was fascinated with the possibility to create entirely new species by gene mixing, ever since he learned that the inclusion of frog DNA had given the dinosaurs the ability to switch gender. On May 21, 1997, he created Karacosis wutansis, a hybrid plant. On April 5, 2009, another hybrid was created.

Years after opening, Jurassic World's success was lower in 2011 unlike the previous years of its operation. Simon Masrani attended a meeting on April 4, 2012, in which the board of his company unanimously desired a new attraction for Jurassic World to satisfy investors. After he had gotten out of the meeting, Simon emailed Dr. Henry Wu his approval to create a new species.


The I. rex as a hatchling.

Twenty years after the events of the original film, Dr. Henry Wu, Commander Vic Hoskins, and their research team, InGen, formed a new species by using the genes from other dinosaurs to spark more attention of their successful park Jurassic World in Isla Nublar, which resulted in the hatching of the Indominus rex. Of course, they originally wanted to have two Indominus rexes, but after they hatched, the older one cannibalized her sibling before being placed in her enclosure.

Jurassic World


After being displayed to Claire Dearing (the park's operation manager) by Simon Masrani (CEO of Masrani Global Corporation and owner of Jurassic World), Masrani requests that he would like Owen Grady (a Velociraptor trainer and the main protagonist of the film) to inspect the Indominus to ensure the park's safety.

Chasing Owen

Ohj rex

The I. rex chasing Owen Grady.

Owen and two of the staff arrive at the Indominus enclosure, only to find out that she has escaped by scaling the wall. However, it turns out that the Indominus has actually faked her escape and ambushed the three inside her enclosure, with Owen barely escaping. The two staff, however, were grabbed and eaten by the Indominus, who escaped her enclosure and is sent loose on the park.

Ambushing the Soldiers

Going against Owen's advice to take down the Indominus, Masrani sends in an ACU unit to stop the Indominus' rampage, but the hybrid used its camouflage ability to ambush the team, resulting the deaths of many of the men while the remaining ones fled.

Attacking Zach and Gray Mitchell

Realizing that this has gone out of hand, Claire shuts down the northern area of the park. Zach and Gray Mitchell, Claire's nephews were in a gyrosphere checking out a small herd of Ankylosaurus on the restricted area, but encountered the Indominus, who then kicks the gyrosphere right to the Ankylosauruses, causing them to panic and damaging the gyrosphere in the process. During the time, the Indominus manages to fight one Anklyosaurus before turning it over on its armor and decapitating it.

Afterwards, she proceeded to attack and break the gyrosphere after hearing Zach's phone vibrate on the glass surface of the gyrosphere, nearly killing Zach and Gray. However, the two escaped by running away from her and jumping off a waterfall to safety, leaving the Indominus to find new prey. As they search for the boys, Owen and Claire soon learn that the Indominus has killed several Apatosaurus without devouring them, realizing that she is killing for sport rather than for food. They enter the old visitors' center, only to be brought a fierce welcome arranged by the Indominus. Fortunately, the two manage to escape alive.

Murdering Masrani


The Indominus rex escaping Masrani's death.

Deciding now that the Indominus is too dangerous to be left alive, Masrani decides to take matters into his hands. He and a couple of InGen personnel pursue the Indominus in a helicopter, but the hybrid ruptured into the Jurassic World Aviary, releasing all the Dimophordons and Pteranodons in the enclosure and causing them to attack Masrani's helicopter and let it fall into the aviary, killing Masrani and the personnel in a brutal explosion.

This action caused the visitors to be attacked by the pterosaurs on Main Street, as well as a few infantile dinosaurs to be taken as prey. This also resulted the death of Claire's personal assistant Zara Young, who was attacked by a Pteranodon on the Jurassic World Lagoon before the two are devoured by the Mosasaurus.

Manipulating the Velociraptors

Following Masrani's death, Hoskins takes over Jurassic World and plans to use Owen's Velociraptors (Blue, Echo, Delta, Charlie) to fight back against the Indominus, which Owen reluctantly tags along. However, Owen soon learns that the Indominus had a little of Velociraptor DNA, which allowed the hybrid to communicate with his Velociraptors and make them turn against the InGen team. After this, the team opens fire on the Indominus, but the Velociraptors were still on her side, which resulted in the deaths of Hoskins, the InGen team, and the supposed death of one Velociraptor (Charlie) while the Indominus fled.

Final Battle and Demise

Following the deaths of Hoskins, Charlie, and the InGen team, the three remaining Velociraptors rekindle the relationship between themselves and Owen and help him fight the Indominus, realizing now that the hybrid was only using them for her own purposes and also responsible for Charlie's death (due to her being being blasted by a missile from a rocket launcher). Angry for being betrayed, the Indominus smacked Blue against a building column, only to be attacked by Delta and Echo. Unfortunately, the Indominus was too strong and managed to defeat the Velociraptors by throwing Delta into a nearby restaurant's grill, which explodes, and incapacitates Echo by grabbing the Velociraptor and throwing her offscreen (which has led to fan speculation that the latter survived). Knowing that Owen and the Velociraptors don't have the strength and power to overtake the Indominus, Claire releases a Tyrannosaurus rex (the same one from the original film named "Rexy") from her enclosure to even the odds against the Indominus.

At first, Rexy has the upper hand against the I. rex, but the Indominus quickly overpowers her. However, before she could kill her by ripping her neck open (similar to how she killed the Ankylosaurus), the surviving Velociraptor, Blue, arrives to aid Rexy, who then fights back against the Indominus, (to avenge the following deaths of her three fellow pack mate, Charlie, Echo and Delta), shoving her near the Jurassic World Lagoon. There, the Mosasaurus rises from the water and grabs the Indominus by the neck. Rexy, Blue, and the humans watch as the Mosasaurus drags the thrashing Indominus rex down to the depths of the lagoon, where the overgrown Mosasaurus devours the hybrid.


Despite the fact that the first Indominus rex is finally gone for good, her actions are what caused Jurassic World to be permanently shut down, as all of the surviving humans head onward to the mainland while the surviving dinosaurs are set free in the wild again following the Indominus rex's demise.

With one of her creators, namely Dr. Wu, along with survived Hoskins's men escaped with some dinosaur embryos and data full of dinosaurs DNA that having promising potential for the warfare purposes (presumably along with the Indominus rex's genetic code), the Indoraptor (a DNA relative of the Indominus rex which appeared in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) started another incident, but it didn't surpass her records in Jurassic World, but it was deadlier. It is possible this new hybrid can be seen on the computer screen near Hoskins when he revealed his true color and reasons of the Indominus's creation.

In either way, one thing was clear: Hoskins' intention of the creation of the Indominus rex was so he could use her (or at least a clone of her) for future wars alongside variations of dinosaur hybrids that yet to be created, rather than be an attraction.