The Incurseans are a race of humanoid frog-like aliens. They are masters in weaponry and were the main antagonists in Arc 3 of Ben 10: Omniverse.


Physically, Incurseans have the appearance of a life-sized walking frog. They have green frog-like skin, flippers for feet and can spout a pink retractable tongue. Attea, the only female Incursean seen so far, has a more feminine appearance with a lighter skin color and a mark on her forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Incurseans are extremely high jumpers and can spit out a long sticky tongue at will. They can also make frog noises when they hop.


Incurseans are excellent weapon masters. They have blasters that are used as guns and other alien tech is possible.


Incurseans only live on spaceships. Their home planet was destroyed during a war in which a Warrior tried to make peace using Ascalon (a powerful sword he stole from Azmuth), only for misuse over the device to create a massive explosion destroying the planet and killing the Warrior. The Incurseans were lead by Emperor Milleous up until the events of The Frogs of War: Part 2 when Attea took over the throne.