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Inchoroi illustration, by Spiralhorizon.

The Inchoroi are an obscene and hedonistic alien race in R. Scott Bakker's fantasy series The Second Apocaylpse. According to legend, the Incû-Holoinas, the golden spaceship that had "birthed" the Inchoroi, crash-landed on the primitive world of Eärwa, and from its depths, the Inchoroi launched a war of extermination against the world's human and Nonhumman populations.

Their goal is to seal the world from the "outside" and hide their sins from divine judgment in an effort to prevent their eventual damnation. They believe this can be accomplished by reducing the number of souls in the world below 144,000. They attempted this on many other worlds, prevailing each time only to find themselves still damned. For some reason, they think Eärwa is the land of their redemption.

A race with a hundred names for the vagaries of ejaculation, who had silenced all compassion, all pity, to better savour the reckless chorus of their lusts. Stalking, endlessly stalking, the world they would make their shrieking harem.
~ The Thousandfold Thought, R. Scott Bakker

Having silenced all compassion and pity, they have a limitless capacity for cruelty. They worship the No-God, the entity through which they hope to end the cycle of souls, as their savior.

They are also responsible for the creation of the various "weapon races", including the Sranc, Bashrag, and Wracu.

The name Inchoroi means "People of Emptiness", and was given to them by the Nonmen. They refer to themselves as "the race of lovers".

The last known surviving Inchoroi are the twin brothers Aurang and Aurax.