Lightning Monger

Lightning Monger

Inazuma Ginga Lit. "Lightning Galaxy" is a space pirate in Super Sentai known as the "Galactic Invincible Electric Man" who is sought by the Galactic Police. Once Amazon Killer's partner, Inazuma is manipulated into challenging Hell Saturn by her and Queen Hedrian. Inazuma seems to defeat Hell Satan in episode, allowing Queen Hedrian to declare herself ruler of Black Magma. However, Hell Saturn returns as a phantom and get his revenge by tossing Inazuma into the monster making machine, transforming him into Lightning Monger who meets his end against the Sun Vulcan team.

Lightning Monger was a monger created when Führer Hell Saturn threw Inazuma Ginga into the Bio-machine maker, turning him into a monger. He proved to be a much easier opponent than Inazuma and was defeated easily.


  • Inazuma Ginga is a fugitive who is being sought by the Galactic Union Police. The Galactic Union Police is the same organization that Space Sheriff Gavan, from the series of the same name, works for and Shozo Uehara, the main writer of Sun Vulcan and all the previous Sentai shows, left Sentai after this series to become the main writer of Gavan, which aired a month after Sun Vulcan ended.
  • The suit actor for Inazuma Ginga was Junichi Haruta, who would become more notable outside the suit starting next season.