Inazuma Ginga, nicknamed the "Galactic Invincible Electric Man" is a space pirate being sought after by the Galactic Union Police and a major antagonist in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.


Prior to arriving on Earth, Inazuma was Amazon Killer's partner, working alongside her to commit crimes and outwit the Galactic Union Police. However, their alliance fractured after the two began trying to steal each other's riches.

Inazuma later came to Earth seeking to recreate his partnership with Amazon Killer, however, Amazon Killer was wary of allying with him again. However, Inazuma managed to impress Fuhrer Hell Saturn into recruiting him by defeating the Sun Vulcan and destroying their Vulcan Ball.

After Sun Vulcan unearthed Black Magma's plans to sabotage a UN satellite, Inazuma is the one who takes the blame and ends up imprisoned. In order to prove himself, Inazuma creates his own Monger to fight the Sun Vulcan, Fighter Monger. The two later overpower Sun Vulcan, prompting Hell Saturn to promote Inazuma Ginga to his second-in-command.

Hell Saturn later sends out Inazuma to fight Sun Vulcan again. Inazuma attempts to deflect Sun Vulcan's New Vulcan Ball with his shield, but Sun Vulcan use a delayed version of the New Vulcan Ball to outlast his shield and defeat him.

Returning to Iron Claw Castle, Inazuma discovers Hell Saturn tampered with Fighter Monger while he was away and challenges him to a duel. After a lengthy fight, Inazuma defeats and kills Hell Saturn, allowing Queen Hedrian to declare herself ruler of Black Magma.

However, Hell Saturn returns as a phantom and tosses Inazuma into Black Magma's Monger-making machine as revenge, transforming Inazuma into Lightning Monger.

Lightning Monger later goes out to fight the Sun Vulcan and proves to be a much easier opponent than Inazuma was, being defeated easily.



  • Inazuma Ginga was sought by the Galactic Union Police is the same organization that Space Sheriff Gavan works for in the series of the same name. Shozo Uehara, the main writer of Sun Vulcan and all the previous Sentai shows, left Sentai after Sun Vulcan to become the main writer of Gavan, which aired a month after Sun Vulcan ended.