Impursonator is a minor villain from the TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.  It was an accidental creation of Rita Repulsa while trying to aim her magic at Kat. She ended up blasting Kat's ugly purse, which Kat made in her art class. She survived every attack made by the Zeozords. Her rubbery skin made her nearly impervious to physical harm, as the rapid-fire punches of the Red BattleZord only briefly stunned her. She could fire pink lightning bolts from her hands, and had the ability to absorb the energy from any attack thrown at her. She could then use this energy to fire enhanced lightning blasts. Even the Zeo Ultrazord barely scratched her, and the Rangers were forced to retreat. She later got control of the Super Zeo Megazord, and used it to battle the Zeo Megazord. While Impursonator was eventually tricked out of the Zord by the Rangers, she allied with Cog Changer and was backed up by Cogs. She grown to giant size again, Impursonator was overwhelmed by the Super Zeozords and fused with Cog Changer.