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The nameless Impostor 00 Agent is a henchman from the James Bond film The Living Daylights. He is an agent sent by SMERSH to kill 3 00 agents during a training exercise in the opening scene of the film.


Immediately after the gun barrel sequence of the film, M (the head of MI6) sends three 00 agents (including his best, James Bond) on a training exercise to the British outpost in Gibraltar, to battle against the SAS. However, SMERSH have sent an agent to murder both sides. He kills an SAS operative with a silenced pistol (after being shot with some very powdery paint, in which case (for the training exercise) means the victim is eliminated), and then attaches a tag (labeled Smiert Spionam) to Agent 004, whose climbing rope he then slices to pieces, killing him instantly.

James Bond (Agent 007) finds 004's body, and the body of the SAS man the impostor killed, and realizes something's wrong. By now, the impostor kills another SAS operative and steals a Land Rover, which (unbeknownst to him) is full of explosives. Bond runs after the Land Rover (despite being shot with paint by a third SAS man) and jumps on its roof.

The impostor tries to get Bond off, first by shaking him off at corners in the road, and then by shooting at him, but to no avail. The Land Rover runs over a fourth SAS operative, and then a fifth SAS man shoots at the Land Rover, which begins to cause the explosives to go off. Bond cuts through the roof of the Land Rover, and the impostor and him fight. The miraculously avoid hitting civilians, but fail to stop the Land Rover smashing through a crash barrier, over a cliff.

By now, the Land Rover is partially on fire, and Bond makes his escape. He smashes the windshield with his foot, and opens his reserve parachute, and he is sucked out the back of the Land Rover to safety. The impostor 00 agent is less fortunate, as the Land Rover explodes, killing him. However, some of the debris tears Bond's parachute, and he is forced to land on a private yacht.

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