At last, the Power Rangers. Let me introduce myself. I am the destroyer of your world. I am Imperious, dark wizard of the underworld.
~ Imperious introducing himself to the Mystic Force Power Rangers.

Imperious (referring to himself as the "Dark Wizard"), also known as "Master Imperious" is a major antagonist from Power Rangers Mystic Force who is a selfish wizard that sees and believes that magic itself as a way to fulfill one's own desires and dreams. He is the main antagonist in the 2nd half of Mystic Force.

He takes over as the new general of the Morlocks after Morticon is destroyed.




He was a human once known as Calindor who betrayed his former allies, the Mystics and his old friend Udonna in the great battle against the Underworld.

After a battle with Daggeron, he found himself cursed and transformed into a skeletial mummy until Necrolai found him in a cave years later and revived him.

He dared Koragg to give up his magical powers temporarily to prove his worthiness in battle. He challenged Daggeron to a duel, even though he did cheat by teleporting Jenji in his hand when Daggeron was going to send his final blow, he was still destroyed.

Powers and Abilities

Imperious is a skilled fighter and extremely powerful, as well as supremely arrogant. He balances out his physical strength with magical powers, which are the same kind of magic as the Mystic Rangers' only to a higher degree, and can grow to a size more than one hundred times the size of the Titan Megazord, making him one of largest monsters in history. Imperious also has the ability to summon and free monsters from the Underworld. He carries around a Folding fan that he also uses as a weapon as he can use it to send magical spells and it can also become a staff that can be used in battle. Despite his new form, he can return to being Calindor at will and use his old Ancient Mystic Mode. In his Ancient Mystic Mode, he uses a Mystic Sword similar to the one that Daggeron uses and that both used during their final duel, and was able to fight him evenly matched, showing that he hadn't forgotten any of his old fighting skills.


  • Coincidentally, Imperious is Latin for "controller".
  • Unlike his Japanese counterpart Memmy, Imperious is more disloyal to his master while Memmy is more devoted and loyal to his master.
  • Imperious seems to be based of the Mummy and is similar to Imhotep as he was a rotting corpse brought back by a book and became more powerful than they ever was.

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