Imperial Golden Croc Gang
The Imperial Golden Croc Gang (or simply known as the Croc Gang) is a group of crocodiles seen in Kung Fu Panda: The Game. This gang consisted of well-armored crocodiles who were run under their leaders, the King and Queen Crocodile (thus the included name "Imperial"). It is unknown, however, why they were considered to be "golden".


This group of notorious crocodiles was hired as minions by Tai Lung, therefore being marked as enemies to the main player (Po in the game universe). They are first seen tormenting the Tortoise Village (located at the Lake of Tears) by attacking the villagers and stealing their baby turtle hatchlings, presumably under the command of the King and Queen. The player is assigned to stop the gang in all of their wrongdoing, to which they must succeed before continuing on. After the defeat of the lesser crocodiles, the Queen sends the Crocodile Sergeant (the King) after Po and Crane. The player narrowly escapes and the Sergeant falls from the top of a large waterfall.

The Croc Gang shortly returns when Po and Master Shifu are steering a boat to try and escape; the minions slow them down by throwing bombs at them. However, the Croc Gang was not defeated.


As is the case with most raiders, the crocodiles are very cruel and relentless in their methods. Some minions were even seen ganging up on defenseless lone villagers and trying to break through their shell.

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