Ilsa Van Zandt

Ilsa Van Zandt (aka Elly Robinson) was the main villainess in "The Spirit of Television," from the final season of Friday the 13th: The Series.

She was played by Marj Dusay.


Ilsa Van Zandt was a psychic who was terminally ill and on her last days, and before the episode's events, she purchased a cursed TV set, which has the power to allow the deceased to kill people from their past. She would use the set to channel the spirits of her customers' loved ones, but once the sessions were completed, Ilsa would send the same spirits to kill them. For each death, Ilsa's life was extended, but that often depended on how long it took to kill her customers. After killing the first victim of the episode, Ilsa's life was extended by 10 days. But regarding her next victim, Ilsa only received one extra day, mainly because Micki, Jack, and Johnny's involvement prolonged the procedure. Ilsa's next victim, Robert Jandini, was a close friend of Jack's, but it took much longer to kill him, so she received no time. Ilsa began feeling the effects of decaying later in the episode, as she was expected to die within a few hours. In a desperate attempt, Ilsa sends Robert to kill Jack, but Micki and Johnny save him, and Ilsa ended up pulled through her TV set and into the spirit world.