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I am Illyria, God-King of the Primordium, Shaper of Things!
~ Illyria

Illyria is a supporting villainess/anti-heroine on the TV show Angel. She is an Old One, a powerful breed of pure demons that once ruled Earth before the arrival of humans. Illyria was one of the most powerful and feared Old Ones to have existed, however despite this she was killed off by her rivals and her essence placed in a sarcophagus in the Deeper Well. Long after death, she was resurrected in Fred's body (killing Fred in the process) however her army was destroyed. With no where left to turn, she joins Angel Investigations. After the recreation of the seed of wonder, Fred was resurrected (due to the 'old rules' being reset) however it was also revealed that Illyria also inhabits her body. Illyria occasionally takes control of the body she shares with Fred, usually when Fred is stressed or in danger.

Powers & Abilities

Illyria is a wildly powerful being (in fact, along with Glory, Illyria is one of the most powerful entities on either show).

Superhuman Strength: Illyria possessed physical strength far beyond the likes of any vampire, slayer or hybrid demon. She casually sent Angel, Harmony and Spike flying with simple blows and could overpower them with strength alone. It was also mentioned by Hamilton that she also took out two troop carriers.

Superhuman Durability: Illyria was also highly durable. When Wesley struck her with an axe, it simply shattered. She was able to tank blows from Angel and Spike without flinching and could withstand multiple bullets being fired at her.

Superhuman Speed: Although not as fast as Glory, Illyria still possessed superhuman speed greater than vampires and slayers. She was able to out-maneuver Angel and Spike (both of whom can run 50–60 feet in a blink of eye) in combat. She is also fast enough to dodge bullets at point blank range, twirling around bullets fired at her by Wesley.

Time Manipulation: Illyria can also manipulate time. After tossing Angel through a window, Illyria slowed time down to escape Wolfram & Hart, being able to leave the building before Spike, Wesley or Gun had even realised she had moved. She can also stop time, as shown when she froze Cyvus Vail.

Immortality: While Illyria can be physically killed, her essence does not move on to a different dimension like that of a human or hybrid demon. Because of that, Illyria can be very easily resurrected and hence cannot be "truly" killed.

Dimension Travel: Illyria could also open portals to other dimensions, this was shown when she opened a portal to a hell dimension to rescue Gunn. Illyria claimed she traveled to any dimension she pleased.

Flora Communication: Illyria could also communicate with plants. She would often spend hours talking to them.

Shape-Shifting: Illyria could also change her appearance to that of her host. She morphed into Fred's appearance to fool her parents and to comfort a dying Wesley.

Combat Skills: Illyria is also extremely proficient in hand to hand combat, as she was able to easily dodge and counter Angel and Spike's attacks, and saw their fighting style as nothing more than an amusement (although Spike was able to adapt to her, allowing him to fight on a more even footing).

Powers Diminished

When Wesley took her powers with the Mutari Generator, her powers had decreased. She was not as strong as she was previously, as she lost a fight to Marcus Hamilton, but was probably still well above most vampires and demons. She was able to take out four members of the Circle of the Black Thorn with little effort, and survived a battle against hundreds of demons in the alley behind the Hyperion. All of her other abilities appeared to have vanished, save for her ability to change her appearance to reflect that of her host's. They were restored to some extent after LA was sent to Hell by the Senior Partners in Season 6, but she does not display any control over them.

Powers Restored

After traveling to the Deeper Well, Illyria once again gained her full powers in human form. In addition to her strength, durability, speed, time manipulation, dimension travel and flora communication, Illyria could now also teleport, create force fields, fire energy blasts, time travel and use her time powers to revert a being into it's most weakest state (Eg, reverting an Old demon into a fetus). In After the fall, Illyria once again gained her true form, gaining the full potential of all her power.