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I am Illyria, God-King of the Primordium, Shaper of Things!
~ Illyria

Illyria is a supporting villainess/anti-heroine on the TV show Angel.

She was portrayed by Amy Acker.

Wolfram and Hart

The account of Angel and company first encountering Illyria starts with protagonists Charles Gunn and Winifred "Fred" Burkle. Angel and friends had been offered a chance to run the up until then wholly evil law firm Wolfram & Hart, a manifestation of the firms demonic Senior Partners hold on earth. While Angel and company were told they could use the resources of their long time enemies however they wished everyone knew the real reason Wolfram & Hart had offered them their reigns was to corrupt them as was the Senior Partners specialty, Angel and friends were gambling on being able to remain incorruptible while the Senior Partners gambled on the alternative. Each member of the team received a tempting offer, For Angel his son Connor was wiped of his traumatic childhood and given a new set of memories and a family with corresponding memories assuming he was their beloved son, for Wesley Price he was given access to vast archives which recorded every written work ever, Lorne was given access to nearly every celebrity on the planet, Fred was given her own lab more advanced than most forms of science fiction and Charles Gunn was given both liaison position with The Conduit of Wolfram & Hart and a mental upgrade that gave him an advanced I.Q. and complete knowledge of the law. Gunn eventually began losing his intellect, something he had gotten highly addicted to since prior he saw himself as just the team's dumb muscle. Upon checking with the doctor who preformed the operation both Gunn and the doctor discovered that he was meant to lose his intellect by the Senior Partners, why is unknown but it is implied to either be a specifically addictive temptation to get him to ask for more favors or just a form of torture if not both.

Unwilling to go before The Conduit and ask for personal favors Gunn instead asked the doctor to give him a new operation, a permanent one. The doctor told Gunn that even with his considerable salary working for the firm a non-comped version of his operation was beyond expensive and a year's salary from Gun would not cover what he charged to wash his hands before the operations. However the doctor proposed an alternative, he had something stuck in customs that he had spent quite a lot of money on, the offer was for Gunn to use his legal know-how after the operation to get the package out of customs. Gunn sensed the deal was shady but desperately wanted his raised intellect returned to him and was not willing to risk bartering his soul to the Senior Partners and so the deal was struck. Gunn got his I.Q. raised permanently and pulled the right legal strings to get the doctor's package out of customs.

Exit Fred

One night a large sarcophagus was delivered to Fred's lab. Fred's assistant and then ex-boyfriend, Knox, was running the lab when the deliveryman came in with a large package, when Knox asked what it was for the deliveryman simply stated that it was to be delivered there, upon asking what he needed to pay for the delivery or sign the deliveryman having placed the sarcophagus on the ground simply turned around and stated it had already been payed for and signed for and left quickly. When Fred came in the next day and got Knox's report on the delivery she went down to examine the mysterious acquisition. Close examination soon yielded a small compartment to open which released some compressed air and dust into Fred's face. Considering Fred and Angel investigations history with the supernatural her first move was to get a full physical to make sure she was not going to turn into a mummy. After being cleared with a clean bill of health, Fred reported to Angel and her friends on the odd occurrence passing by Lorne and Wesley on her way back Fred began to playfully sing a tune to Wesley, her current boyfriend, Lorne being demon able to read destinies via singing immediately turned around to catch Fred seconds before she collapsed mid-tune. Fred was taken to the infirmary where a more full scale medical care was set. Angel and friends assure her there was no problem and she just had some sort of minor if unaccounted for infection, however Fred being more intelligent than all her friends and a licensed physical and physicist knew she was being lied to and that whatever it was had her friends very worried. Leaving the infirmary Angel asked for full information on what they knew about the virus, whatever it was it would move through out her entire system in a little under a day and was slowly cooking her insides. The team each went their own routes to find a cure; Wesley left to search his library and ordered his entire staff to work on researching any accounts of the sarcophagus' origins, Lorn left to pull every connection he had to find out what was going on in the demon community, Gunn left to talk to The Conduit and Angel and Spike left to find previous the liaison of the Senior Partners, Eve, who knew all the dark secrets of the firm.

In the midst of his research Wesley met an employee that was concerned that the entire department could not spend all their resources just on Winifred Burkle, Wesley's retort was a revolver shot to the man's knee and then ordered the next person who had concerns about the department spending too much time on Fred be brought in, his face never leaving his tome. Lorn spent the day talking to every big contact he had, most had not heard of it, others had fled the dimension to avoid talking about it. Gunn asked The Conduit what it knew about what was going on with Fred. Though The Conduit confirmed it had nothing to do with what was happening to Fred it did beat Gun half to death while assuming his form, saying The Senior Partners resented him coming to them for personal favors.  Angel, Spike and Lorne left to speak with Eve who they had finally tracked down. After several threats on Angel and Spike's part and a beating from Lorne, Eve said to find out the origin of the sarcophagus Wesley needed to reference the firm's per-records which would have the very oldest accounts on creation, upon singing for Lorne to make sure she was telling the truth the three called Wesley to tell him and reported back to the firm. By the time they had gotten back Wesely had a name "Illyria". Illyria was an old and powerful eldritch demon god hailed as god to a god. Illyria had finally been overpowered by her rivals who all banded together to kill her. The sarcophagus was the resting place of the remains. Wesley said he believed that the sarcophagus had released Illyria into Fred's body and that she was being hollowed out it to act as a vessel for Illyria's return. The writings confirmed that the sarcophagus had been until recently kept in The Deeper Well, a holding place of all signs of the Old Ones. Angel knew the guardian of the Well an immortal warrior called  Drogyn the Battlebrand and left for England to meet him with Spike.

While the others continued research on where Illyria and Angel and Spike left for England, Gunn went with Knox to try freezing a piece of Fred's DNA to see if they could put her into stasis to give them more time. Gunn had gone with Knox but was disappointed when Knox confirmed that even once the DNA was frozen the virus kept working it's way through it. Gunn tried to comfort Knox who was very upset about the results. Then Knox stated how much he cared about Fred but due to a slip of the tongue gave way to a shocking revelation.

An enraged Gunn quickly began throttling Knox. Accusing Knox of killing her to prevent Wesley or anyone from having her. Knox claimed that in-fact he had arranged for Fred to be infected because he loved her and saw her as the only human-being worthy for Illyria to hatch out of. Knox said that it had all been predestined and he and a the few remaining members of Illyria's followers had done all in their power to arrange it's return but events had transpired even out of their hands to arrange for all the pieces to be in the right places at the right times. Knox then said that he had talked to a contact there at Wolfram & Hart to get it delivered but it had gotten stuck in of all places Customs, but that Gunn had taken care of that for them and presented Gunn with a Customs form. Upon reading the claims form Gunn realized the package he had released from Customs for the doctor was the sarcophagus. Knox said it was just an example of how destiny had conspired in several little places to bring Illyria back. Gunn promptly beat Knox unconscious.

Meanwhile Spike and Angel had landed in England and met with Drogyn. Drogyn confirmed that despite his best efforts the sarcophagus of Illyria had disappeared. Drogyn had not noticed the disappearance until it was too late since the Deeper Well was massive and the tunnel went through the whole world. Drogyn said he knew a spell to call Illyria out of Fred and back to the Deeper Well, but that Illyria would instinctively cling to every single life form between Fred and the Well, killing each person in a similar manner to Fred before being dragged to the next person on it's way back to it's resting place. While Angel thought about the grim alternative Drogyn said he would prepare the ritual just in-case. Ultimately Angel decided Fred would despise being spared at the cost of hundreds of thousand of people dying in her place and left the Well with Spike to report the situation and hope the team had come up with something.

However back at home Wesley had halted researching Illyria to to comfort Fred in her final hours. Fred could feel her organs overheating and she was suffering from memory lose and mild delirium as her brain cooked. Despite her best efforts to hang on, Fred died in Wesley's arms shortly after he read her favorite bedtime story to her. Seconds after her death Fred's body began to stiffen and then harden from normal flesh into something else. Fred's body fell to the floor and started to spasm. When it stood up Fred's hair, eyes and patches of skin were blue and it spoke in a deep tone.

Enter Illyria

Wesley asked "Fred" if she knew the name Winifred Burkle, Fred's body said it neither knew nor cared. With confirmation the body was no longer Fred's Wesley swung a battle-axe into her head, however the force of the strike was only enough to immediately shattered the battle-axe as it met with Illyria's form. Illyria then queried at Wesley's earlier question. Illyria read the electrical impulses in the shattered bits of brain in her vessel's skull as memories, saying she knew the name, "Winifred Burkle" was her vessel. Illyria however did not view Wesley as a threat or even slightly worth her time and vanished before him. Illyria arrived at the lab to confront Knox. Illyria had been drawn to Knox who had placed ceremonial sacraments under his skin in keeping with an old tradition appointing him as her priest. Illyria freed Knox and left with him, leaving the others oblivious to Illyria's next move. Gunn confronted the doctor saying that he was willing to give back everything put in his head if the doctor could restore Fred. The doctor said in-fact nothing could be done and everything that was Fred was gone and her soul had been shattered and absorbed as part of Illyria. Wesley was there to overhear the conversation and shot the doctor. He then asked Gunn what the doctor had meant about Customs forms. Gunn told Wesley what he had done and how sorry he was, Wesley said he understood and forgave Gunn for his unknowing part in Illyria's resurrection, he then followed up by stabbing Gunn in the gut, saying that he was less forgiving about Gunn holding out vital information that might have prevented Fred's death. 

Illyria's Army-of-Doom

Ilyria in it's native form with it's Army of Doom.

While Gun was in the infirmary Wesley was being confronted by Angel about the entire situation that lead to the stabbing. Wesley told Angel everything and was told to get back to work because even if Fred could not be restored they needed to find out how to stop Illyria. Wesley eventually found Illyria had an army of doom and that Illyria had a palace it kept them in on what had become L.A.. The palace existed in a pocket dimension Illyria could access. Once they realized where Illyria and Knox were going the team left to confront them. Once there Illyria made it clear they could not kill her and would be destroyed. When Illyria asked what was worth throwing their lives away, Angel informed her the answer was humanity. When Illyria asked if even Knox counted, Angel said yes and that even the worst of humanity like Knox was worth fighting and dying for. Wesley shot Knox dead as soon as Angel finished his speech though. Shrugging off Knox's death the team tried to fight Illyria, however Illyria's strength overcame Angel and Spike put together and her form remained unharmed by Wesley's gun fire, she then casually slowed down time to leave her opposition behind and enter her palace but was met by Angel who still functioned at Illyria's speed, showing her he had a piece of her sarcophagus, and since the sarcophagus was connected to her and he was connected to it he was unaffected by the temporal manipulation then knocked her down releasing the others from the time flux. Illyria once again found it more trouble than it was worth to fight them and walked into her palace's portal to release her army of doom, Wesley was the only one able to reach the portal before it closed behind her. Illyria told Wesley that it would not matter since she was about to use her army to reclaim her kingdom as she walked up the steps to greet her army.

Illyria's Army of Doom
Upon reaching the threshold Illyria was left speechless at what she saw, an endless field of troops, lying dead, her army had grown old and died waiting for her return. As Wesley commented on the situation Illyria opened the portal again, slowed Wesley and left. Once he returned and told Angel what had happened Angel had Wolfram & Hart permanently seal the rift to prevent any unwanted surprises from coming out. The team knew Illyria was at large but the Senior Partners assured Angel that though Illyria was still a threat that needed to be taken care of she was incapable on retaking the world stuck in a human body without her army. Wesley would meet Illyria in Fred's old office, Illyria had come to consult with Wesley on what to do. Since Wesley had killed her priest she considered it his place to give her guidance in the world for without the prospect of world conquest Illyria had no purpose in life. Wesley told her he  would try to help her find her place on condition that she not go around murdering humans, Illyria agreed to the terms and spent the remainder of her time with Angel and his friends usually by Wesley's side.

Illyria honored her bargain and though she seemed to care little for most of the team she considered Spike an amusing pet from her sparring session with him in which Spike was more than willing to use lethal force. Wesley on the other-hand became the closest thing Illyria had to a friend, although both Wesley and Illyria knew that to Illyria the closest thing to friend for her was someone she assigned curiosity to.

Powers and Abilities

Illyria is a wildly powerful being. During her time on the show, she displayed super strength well above most other Buffyverse characters (in fact, along with Glory, Illyria is one of the most powerful entities on either show) and combat skills that made all the other characters on Angel only an amusement to her. In Time Bomb, she managed to take out all four members of Angel Investigations in mere seconds with incredible ease. She can also slow the flow of time, travel through dimensions, talk to plants, and change her appearance to that of her host. Her powers c an be assumed to be even greater in her true form, unrestricted by "this bag of sticks".

Powers Diminished

When Wesley took her powers with the Mutari Generator, her powers had decreased. She was not as strong as she was previously, as she lost a fight to Marcus Hamilton, but was probably still well above most vampires and demons. She was able to take out four members of the Circle of the Black Thorn with little effort, and survived a battle against hundreds of demons in the alley behind the Hyperion. All of her other abilities appeared to have vanished, save for her ability to change her appearance to reflect that of her host's. They were restored to some extent after LA was sent to Hell by the Senior Partners in Season 6, but she does not display any control over them.