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Ilkubo is by far the most powerful of the five and the Dark King's right-hand man. He can block the Marble Screw attack with just his abilities, as well as any close combat attacks by Pretty Cure, but his fortitude is not as high as Gekidrago, as a direct hit will still hurt him. Ilkubo can also absorb energy from the Garden of Rainbows. He first appeared in the Garden of Rainbows in episode 19, but did not start seriously fighting the girls until later. He is defeated but made a brief comeback in which he battles Pretty Cure and takes them to the Dusk Zone in a far more monstrous and powerful form. He is large, pale and shaven with pointed ears and dark-rimmed eyes that resemble those of Kiriya. He wears a white robe and carries the purple Prism Stone.

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