Il Lupo, or The Wolf, is a minor character in the video game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and a prominently featured antagonist in the game Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy. He was an assassin in the employ of the Templar Order, trained by Fiora Cavazza and Baltasar de Silva to mimic the assassins of the Assassin Order, the sworn enemies of the Templars, as much as possible.


Some time after Fiora and Baltasar had tailed and studied the Assassins, they both attempted to "create" their own. With this in mind, the two trained Il Lupo to master everything they had witnessed about their enemies, such as their movement and assassination techniques.

He also wielded his own imitation of their iconic Hidden Blade, a set of "fang-like blades" that were "clumsy but efficient," as Fiora once described.

Following this, upon finishing his training and learning all that he was told to do, Il Lupo was sent out on missions by Cesare Borgia himself.

Some time later, Fiora was betrayed by Cesare, so she joined forces with the Assassins in retaliation. To hide the evidence of how much she had learned of the Assassin Order while she had worked for the Templars, and to remove another risk to her new allies in one fell swoop, Fiora planned to eliminate Il Lupo. When she was ready, Fiora left a signal on the Pasquino statue as a message to Il Lupo that she wished to meet him. Following this, Fiora waited for him at the docks at sunset, with an Assassin tailing her for her protection, as she had only recently escaped an attempt on her life by Baltasar. However, Il Lupo quickly killed the Assassin and threw their body into the river, before telling Fiora calmly that she had been followed.

Making up a bluff, Fiora began to tell him of an "assignment" from Cesare, which was to eliminate a target on a boat out in the harbor. As Il Lupo turned away from her to look towards the boat, and questioned how he would be able to reach it unseen, Fiora ambushed him.

With a surprise attack, she cut into his back with a poisoned, iron-tipped fan, though Il Lupo retaliated, backhanding her and drawing his rapier. However, his efforts were in vain, as he quickly succumbed to the poison; vomiting, cursing and questioning Fiora as he died.