Ika Musume also known as Squid Girl in the English version is the main protagonist in Shinryaku! Ika Musume. Ika Musume, self proclaimed "Messenger of the Ocean", came from the sea to invade the surface world as revenge on humanity for polluting the sea, her home. She first attempted to "invade" Lemon, a beach house owned by the Aizawas. She was not taken seriously and was mistaken for a cosplayer. Ika Musume accidentally plunged a hole on the wall and was asked to work as a waitress by Eiko Aizawa for the cost of reparations. Ika Musume's invasion efforts are frequently foiled by a variety of circumstances, including being stopped by a mysteriously strong, Chizuru Aizawa, Eiko's sister.


Ika Musume has an appears to be a human, except that she has sky blue tentacles which also serves as her hair. She also wears a "hat" resembling that of a squid. Her hat is a part of her and cannot be remove or she will risk dying. Ika frequently wears a white dress and sometimes his one piece swimwear. She also wear a dark blue winter coat over her dress in one occasion. She also wears blue bracelets on both of her hands.


As someone, who came from the sea, Ika Musume is ignorant of most of the ways of humankind. She is obssessed with showing her abilities, that she think that humans can't surpass. As she came to invade the surface world, she is very irritated by people who don't take her plans seriously and become very delighted with people who fears her and sees her invasion plan a threat. She is very caring to the environment, occasionally picking trash about the beach. Ika Musume's favorite food is shrimp, eating all the shrimps in the shrimp fried rice order of a customer. She has however a soft side and can be playful and childish and occasionally sympathetic with humans she despise.

Skills and Abilities

Ika Musume flying

flying Ika Musume

Ika Musume as a squid girl has a variety of skills and abilities. She can control her tentacle "hair" as if they were her hand. Ika has the ability to spit squid ink. These tentacles can demonstrate great strength and accuracy. Ika Musume can also glow luminously like a firefly squid. Ika's bracelets can actually modify her weight which can make her either heavier, so she can lift heavier objects or lighter so she can actually fly. This bracelets doesn't make her fatter or thinner. She is also a prodigy, able to master high school math, learn both Japanese and English and draw beautifully effortlessly. Eiko remarked that she is good at everything but invading.