"Ohhh I see. So this man is a human being, then? What a cunning strategist, disguising himself as a mosquito to lessen the level of my attack. Fresh! This Iihiko is surprised."
~ lihiko to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
lihiko Shishime is the main antagonist of the Unknown Shiranui Arc in the Manga Medaka series.

A former hero who lost everything, which bows to fight stronger opponents that can keep up with him.

History Edit

Centuries ago, lihiko was considered by everyone as a leggendary hero who respected his comrades and companions.

He was able to predict and defeats his opponents, especially Ajimu who tried do defeat him at every encounter, he was later sealed in the Shiranui Village just to stay away from Ajimu.

With the course of time he fought against formidable opponents which showed different appearance and abilities until he died and was able to transfer his consciousness into a double of himself, with this tactic he was able to survive until the present day.

He was shocked to see Ajimu after five thousand years, but he still managed to defeat her along with her companions, expect for a woman with name of Medaka, who was able to keep up with him, he tried to stop Medaka by using a new body, but he was defeated by a punch in the face by the latter.

He later confronted Medaka again as a part of the 100 Flowers run, however he ended up defeated again thanks to her Altered God Mode, after that he can be seen working in the now public Shiranui Village.

Appearance Edit

lihiko appears as a very large and muscled man with a light purple skin.

Personality Edit

In the past he was a calm and benevolent warrior, who bowed to protect the weak and punish the wicked, with time the world changed and realized that the world that was protecting no longer existed, his personality changed to a violent brute who has a little regard for human life.

Powers and Abilities Edit

lihiko has superhuman characteristics and the ability to transfer his spirit into another body to keep himself alive.

His final ability is the Irreversible Destruction which is able to negate all the abilities, including Kumagawa's All Fiction and the damage can increase if the opponent uses a stronger attack against him.

Gallery Edit