Igor (Van Helsing)


"You try to get Igor. Igor get you."
~ Igor

Igor who was based on the Igor of the Frankenstein story, was a former assistant of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and a well-paid loyal minion of Count Dracula. He was a supporting antagonist in the film, Van Helsing. He was portrayed by Kevin J. O'Connor.

Igor worked for Dracula as a commander of the Dwergi.

He was never fond of his first master, who was "kind" to him, but seemed unable to pay. He betrayed Dr. Frankenstein when Count Dracula offered to pay him.

When Igor joined Dracula, he took a fancy to torturing the imprisoned members of the castle with his electric spear, even Dracula's minion, The Wolfman.

During the final battle,Van Helsing goes to confront Igor,only for Igor to fall to his death