Igor is a boss in Cave Story. He is a monstrous rabid Mimiga, though unlike the other enraged Mimiga, Igor still
Igor picture
retain their intelligence and mind. He is first seen fighting Sue in Egg Coridor and easily beats her in three hits and takes her away. If Quote follows Igor's trail, he eventually finds him. Once defeated, he transforms into a regular Mimiga. It is never revealed if Igor dies or is unconsious after his defeat, although it is sometimes believed to be the latter as he doesn't disappear like other death Mimigas. Interestingly, Igor somehow appears again on the Balcony as a mere-level enemy.


In a review with Daisuke Amaya, the question about Igor's origin was asked. Pixel stated that while Igor claimed that he must protect professor eggs, this professor wasn't the Doctor nor Professor Booster, (and of course not even Dr. Gero) and is never seen in-game. The way the professor and Igor are related is in the way that Igor was a Mimiga who found himself lost. When the professor found him, they grew close; Igor loved and respected the professor. Before meeting Igor, the professor performed tests and cared for the Sky Dragon eggs alone. After time passed, the professor died of old age, and Igor did his best to continue his masters' work in performing tests and caring for the eggs. Later on, Igor ate a Red Flower for an unkown reason, and thus became the monster Quote fights.