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If someone strikes you in the right cheek, turn on the left. You shall be forgiven, for I am the child of The Father, and there's no way you can lay a hand on my cheek!
~ Iesua

Iesua Nazarenus is the final boss of the Touhou Project fanmade video game, The Last Comer. She is a renowned eminence in many places of the outside world, like the "country of the west". She attempts to unleash a prophetic apocalyptic battle, with Gensokyo as the battleground and believes everything shall be cleansed in the end.


She arrived to Gensokyo when Mumumu's awakening powers caused the morning star to bring forth chaos to the land. This was only the beginning of what was coming, since the incident also brought the prophetic apocalyptic battle between good and evil to Gensokyo. As described in the sealed books; the battle, though catastrophic, would ultimately help them get rid of Satan and his influence. Eventually, the heroines convince her through danmaku that anything goes in the land of fantasy, and that a prophecy they do not believe in cannot occur anyway; especially since the prophecy is putting the inhabitants in serious danger as the battle carries out.

In the end, they manage to stop the battle between Iesua and Mumumu from happening. Iesua still settles up an altar for her teachings.


Iesua attacks with heavenly spheres of light that explode into several bullets. She also has various spell cards that are a reference to the various miracles she has performed; like turning water into wine, summoning angel fish from the Jordan river, and even reviving the dead. Her most powerful spell card is "New Testament Star Chapter" which brings forth Michel, Janet and Mumumu to have a battle of apocalyptic proportions.


Iesua has red eyes and short, bluish-gray hair. She wears a dark green headband with pointed decorations, referencing the Crown of Thorns that Jesus was forced to wear. Also on the headband is a pink rose, a flower often associated with Jesus’ mother Mary. Iesua wears a white, long-sleeved shirt as well as a four-layered, white and blue ankle-length skirt, each containing dark green trimmings. She has a cyan bow and a red cloak attached to her neck, the latter of which she normally holds closed with her left hand, as well as black shoes with gray socks that go up to at least her knees. Iesua wears bandages over her hands, forehead, and right eye; quite possibly to mirror the wounds Jesus suffered from his trial and crucifixion since the ones on her hands have blood stains in a way that they could have been caused by a stigma. Lastly, she holds a large wooden cross on her back which shines a brilliant white during battle.




Theme Music

Illusionary Via Dolorosa Extended - TLC Stage 6 Theme-025:52

Illusionary Via Dolorosa Extended - TLC Stage 6 Theme-0

Stage 6 theme

Mankind Salvation Plan ~ The Greatest Salvation Extended - Iesua Nazarenus' Theme25:53

Mankind Salvation Plan ~ The Greatest Salvation Extended - Iesua Nazarenus' Theme

Final battle theme


  • Iesua Nazarenus is based on Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish teacher who lived and preached in Israel during the reigns of Roman Emperors Augustus and Tiberius, and who Christians believe to be the Son of God.
  • Iesua Nazarenus is a slight corruption of “Iesus Nazarenus”, Latin for “Jesus the Nazarene”. The name itself is also visually similar to Yeshua, the Hebrew version of Jesus’ name.

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