Thanks for showing us that dinner!
~ Ichy

Ichy and Dil are the main antagonists of The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists. Their main goal in the film was to eat Littlefoot and his friends, which would unknowingly prevent them from bringing the Night Flowers to Littlefoot's grandfather. Ichy is the leader, and Dil is the follower.

Ichy is an annoying light blue ichthyornis (called a sharp beak). Dil is a nearly blind, teal-green deinosuchus (called a big-mouthed belly dragger). They work as partners to catch their food to set aside their disadvantages. Ichy calls himself "the eyes" because he guides Dil and tells her where to go, and relies on Dil because he is too small to catch his own food. Dil calls herself "the teeth", but despite her size she has bad vision and needs Ichy to guide her. The two constantly argue about who is better and say that they don't need each other, even though it is painfully obvious to both that they do.

Overally, Ichy is smarter and Dil is stronger.

Ichy was voiced by Jeff Bennett, and Dil was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Ichy and Dil are first seen inside a cave trying to eat Littlefoot, who was hiding in crevices. He is initially saved by his new friend, an archelon named Archie, but they are chased by them yet again. Just when they were about to eat them, Littlefoot's friends came to the rescue by pushing rocks at them. Ichy and Dil follow the gang to a river, and Dil tries to eat Cera when she falls into the water. Ichy makes it easier by snapping a vine with his beak to keep Littlefoot and his friends from using it to pull Cera to safety. Luckily, Ali, who tries to save Cera on her own, dodges Ichy's attempt to eat her and rides a confused Dil to rescue Cera and get to safety.

Later, Ichy and Dil arrive a third time and chase their victims. Ichy first captures Petrie when he and the others attempt to hide from the predators behind a rock, and he is about to eat him when the children's new mouse friend, Tickles, intervenes. He throws Dil's tail between Petrie's belly and Ichy's beak, igniting Dil's temper when she thinks that Ichy bit her on purpose. In the confusion, Petrie is able to slip away and rejoin his friends, but Cera laughing too loudly at the disarray caused between Ichy and Dil starts the chase all over again. During the chase, which now leads to a log over a ravine, Ichy captures Ducky, though Petrie tries to save her, only for Ducky to fall. Ducky is woken up by Spike and manages to grab a branch just when she was about to fall into Dil's mouth. Spike then angrily pushes Ichy off the edge, where he almost gets eaten by Dil.

After another argument, the two decided they have finally had enough of each other and split up. Ichy is hit with Dil's tail and flung into the distance. Shortly after, Dil encounters a hungry hydrotherosaurus and calls for Ichy as it chases her.

Abilities and Weapons

Ichy's abilities

  • Flight
    • Ichy use this to find prey to show Dil to kill
  • Speed
    • He can catch up to Littlefoot and his friends. He is shown to be faster than Petrie.
  • Strength
    • He can lift a rock over his head
  • Jaw Strength
    • His jaws are strong to be able to hurt Dil
  • Weapons
    • Beak, teeth, and talons

Dil's abilities

  • Strength
    • She is very strong to be able to push down large turtle easily
  • Jaw Strength
    • She can crash anything with her powerful jaws
  • Speed
    • On land she can move fast enough to catch up to Littlefoot
  • Swimmer
    • She can swim in the water in a higher speed compare on land
  • Roar
    • She can roar pretty loud
  • Weapons
    • Teeth, head, tail, and claws.



  • Despite being the main antagonists, they don't actually appear until about 23 minutues into the film in and have only around 15 minutes of screen time.