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Ichi is the Hydra saint of the XX and XXI centuries.

Galact Wars

Ichi is not a villain in this tournament, being only a competitor. He was defeated by Hyoga, and was too injured to fight against Ikki and don't become one of the 5 main bronze saints, get secondary importance.

Fifth Movie

Ichi serves Artemis after Athena gives the Earth for her. But, is not known if he was a loyal servant to Artemis.


In Omega, Abzu transform the Earth matter, and it gets slighted in 7 elements (some people get more than one element), and, only controlling (to attack, need to use, need to control) its element, attacks can be accomplished, and Ichi can't control his element, getting secondary importance again.

He accepts serve Mars in exchange for a Silver Cloth (Hydrum) and appears conveniently in the Silver Saints Chapter. He was not loyalto Aria, like the other silver saints and goes protect the Earth Ruins with Michelangelo. He was defeated by Kouga, and after, swearsloyalty to Athena again, getting back his bronze cloth of Hydra.

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