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The Ice Cream Truck Driver is the central antagonist of the "Ice Cream Truck" creepypasta, the story originated on creepypasta wiki and has since gained a small following - with youtube readings contributing to this.

The Story

Several years ago, a string of child-abductions struck residents of a small American suburban community. Eventually these abductions were found to be the work of a travelling ice-cream truck driver who used to lure children away with his charm, sweets and the sing-song tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Convicted of at least a dozen child abductions and murders the driver was sentenced to death.

With his execution came a bittersweet sense of ease for the community as he had refused to tell where he had hid their children's bodies.

After a few years, the continued search for the victims' bodies finally came to an end. To this day, authorities are unable to trace the whereabouts of the children. Many suspect they were burned, and their remains dumped in a nearby river.

However this is not where this tragic tale ends, for according to local legend every day on the anniversary of the murderous ice-cream van driver's execution, a ghostly van appears on the streets of the same suburban community he once terrorized. One can hear the playing of Yankee Doodle Dandy and see the van, never stopping as it makes its way out of the community and into the unknown.


  • "Free ice cream" creepypasta01:46

    "Free ice cream" creepypasta

    The Ice Cream Truck Driver is never named in the story, neither is he given any reasoning behind his crimes.
  • The Ice Cream Truck Driver may of been a child molester but the story does not clarify - it is know he is a mass-murderer of children.
  • The Ice Cream Truck Driver's ghost may be replaying the madman's activities in life as part of a punishment (limbo) or, alternatively, is still trying to lure children away.

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