Iblis also known as "The Flames of Disaster", also referred to as the "Monster" by Silver the Hedgehog, is one of the primary antagonists of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), serving as the main antagonist of Silver's story and a mior antagonist in both Sonic and Shadow's respective stories. He was a destructive monster made of lava that craved only destruction and was the "raw power" of Solaris. Before the games events he was split with Mephiles the Dark by the Duke of Soleanna. Elise then appeared and the explosion happened. Later, Silver the Hedgehog tried to seal Iblis, then the Duke of Soleanna sealed Iblis inside Elise.

In the future, Silver and Blaze fought against Iblis, but no matter how many times Silver defeated him, he would always survive, only reduced to a ball of fire from which he regenerated. Mephiles tried to manipulate Silver into going back in time and killing Sonic, claiming that Sonic would be the one to release Iblis, but his true intent was to release Iblis from inside Elise. After Silver defeated Iblis the final time, Blaze sealed him inside herself and presumably destroyed herself along with him. However, what happened next in the present would erase Iblis's future events from history.

To get Iblis out of Elise, Mephiles killed Sonic with a Dark Chaos Lance. Elise dropped down crying, releasing Iblis. The two then joined up to become one, Solaris the Timeweaver. Later, Elise revived Sonic using the Chaos Emeralds and one kiss, turning him into Super Sonic. He joins up with Shadow and Silver to defeat Solaris. After destroying Solaris, Elise was sent back to the past, where she put out the flame that would become Solaris, thus erasing Iblis and Mephiles from existence.



  • His name came from the Iblis, a Djinn from Islamic lore who refused to bow down to humanity only to end up as the one who corrupts the humans out of revenge.
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