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Prince Iben Kostas is the main antagonist in an episode of the 1966 series of Mission: Impossible. He is played by Nehemiah Persoff.


Prince Iben Kostas plans to provoke war with the neighboring country which is rich in oil reserves from Oliver Borgman, an arms dealer.

Dan Briggs and the IMF team are sent to prevent the delivery of the arms and get the million and half dollars so that Kostas can't buy the guns.

Rollin Hand, an IMF team, took some cards and found special markings on the cards only to be seen by someone wearing special glasses (or contact lens).

Rollin made Kostas furious and gave him all the money during a gamble which Kostas was able to see the markings on the back of the cards.

Cinnamon Carter and Andre Malif, IMF team members, got away with the money (in Cinnamon's coat with special pockets) after Andre pretends to "kill" her.

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