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You see?! I'm not gonna die! It's you Wendy! You're Dead!
~ Ian McKinley threatening Wendy and last words.

Ian McKinley was a survivor of the Devil's Flight roller coaster in Final Destination 3, where he later served as the film's secondary main antagonist. He was a school Goth and the boyfriend of Erin Ulmer. He was one of the students aboard the Devil's Flight, who was removed due to the fight. He contributed a number of important theories relating to Death.


Before the events in the movie Ian was just a normal high school student with some problems fitting in within society, but after his girl friend Erin was killed by death he was fell into madness and grow a deep hatred for Wendy the film's protagonist since he blamed her for the death of Erin and seeks revenge on her and the other people that he once viewed as friends.  


During the celebration, Ian met up with Kevin, Wendy and Julie, where he planned to cause Wendy's death for the death of Erin. Wendy told Ian that if he didn't kill her, Death's list would be thrown out of whack and all of the survivors would live. However, since Ian's death was already intervened, he didn't care, and still planned to kill her. A set of fireworks launched at Ian, narrowly missing him and hitting the cherry picker behind him. Ian realized he's not going die and that Wendy was next on the list. Suddenly, the cherry picker, holding up the Tri-Centennial sign, behind Ian malfunctioned and came crashing to the ground. Ian looked up at the falling platform, and a few seconds later, it hit him and brutally crushed him in half. His surviving half of his body was seen on the ground as a bloody mess while his middle finger slightly twitches to Wendy before succumbing from blood loss.