I remember advice my old man gave me. He'd make some mistakes – other women, you know? Later on, on his deathbed he told me he regretted it. And he said, 'Guilt is like a cancer. You can treat the symptoms, but never the cause.'
~ Ian Garrett

Ian Garrett was an Antagonist in BBC's The Missing.


Garrett was born in England. He had at least 2 brothers. He mentioned in Episode 5, whilst confessing about his past to the main Protagonist, Tony, that when he was a boy his grandfather used to get in bed with him and his brothers and "do things to them." At some point, he married his wife, Mary. They later had a daughter together. Like Tony's son Oliver, she to went "missing" but it has been heavily hinted that Ian raped and murdered his daughter. Another character and suspect, Vincent Bourg, is associated with Ian, and knows about what he has done. Ian threatens to beat Bourg's mother if he tells the police about Ian's past.

In 2006

Ian first appears in episode 1, where he places a large reward to help find the missing child, Oliver Hughes. Ian begins a friendship with the protagonist, Tony, after this. It is slowly revealed that Ian is not a nice man, and that he has a dark history. in episode 4, Tony discovers that Ian and Vincent know each other. In episode 5, Tony sneaks onto Ian's yacht, where he discovers as secret tape recorder, with a horrific video of Ian murdering and disembowling children. When Ian finds Tony, he confesses to doing this, and having a total of 53 tapes like that one. Ian tells Tony that he promises that he didn't kidnap Tony's son. Ian's final words were "He was beautiful though, wasn't he?". This sent Tony over the edge. Tony began smashing Ian's head against the counter, soon killing Ian.

In 2014

It was revealed in episode 4 that Ian went missing in 2006, and was pronounced dead in 2013. His wife is know living in a mental hospital, and his company still exists.