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IU7 is a destructive and dangerous robot who appears in the animated TV series The Zeta Project.

Although they denied it, the Infiltration Unit 7 was created by the goverment. He was sent to kill Roland De Fleures, an arms dealer.

Zeta being a fellow synthoid had to prevent this at all costs. While IU7 made it past all his security Zeta warned Roland to get away while he poses as him to lure IU7 away. He leads him away and manages to deactivate him. This does not work and he is able to come back however. Zeta and his friends are able to use an overide code but it fails. However they lead him into a a building full of explosives and blow him up. They leave thinking he is destroyed, however, he is able to walk away.

In his next appearence he smuggles himself to an airport where Zeta and Ro are. He sneaks his way to Zeta and attacks him. He nearly kills him however Batman shows up and is able to defeat him. The NSA then takes his deactivated body away. However they miss his CPU chip which is taken by a kid. When the kid puts the chip in his computer he is able to order his parts through the internet. He holds the kid hostage until Zeta comes and they fight. This time Zeta beats him and gives the chip to his friend in the NSA.

Powers and Abilities

He is able to take the form of anyone he sees. He also has other powers including strength and lasers.