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Angry Grandpa - The iMustDestroyAll prank04:34

Angry Grandpa - The iMustDestroyAll prank

the original iMustDestroyAll prank

iMustDestroyAll was a fictional villain in the AngryGrandpa series of youtube fame - he was the centre of a series of pranks on the titular AngryGrandpa and has since became a legendary figure in the context of the show, to the point he now shares the position of AngryGrandpa's nemesis alongside "The Hag".

<p class="yt">The basic contect of iMustDestroyAll is that he is a psychotic youtube personality that stalks AngrGrandpa and threatens his life, with Michael (often known as "Pickle Boy") showing AngryGrandpa youtube videos designed to show iMustDestroyAll entering AngryGrandpa's home.

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