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Angry Grandpa - The iMustDestroyAll prank04:34

Angry Grandpa - The iMustDestroyAll prank

the original iMustDestroyAll prank

iMustDestroyAll was a fictional villain in the AngryGrandpa series of youtube fame - he was the centre of a series of pranks on the titular AngryGrandpa and has since became a legendary figure in the context of the show, to the point he now shares the position of AngryGrandpa's nemesis alongside "The Hag".

The basic contect of iMustDestroyAll is that he is a psychotic youtube personality that stalks AngrGrandpa and threatens his life, with Michael (often known as "Pickle Boy") showing AngryGrandpa youtube videos designed to show iMustDestroyAll entering AngryGrandpa's home.

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