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IG-88 aboard Darth Vader's flagship.

IG-88 is a character from Star Wars who was bent on galactic domination. He was created by a group of scientists but he turned against them and activated three identical other droids named IG-88 A, B and C. After killing them he escaped and made a base on a local moon.

IG-88 and IG-88b attended bounty hunting. After capturing countless prey he became the 2nd best bounty hunter in the galaxy, following after Boba Fett. IG-88b attended a group of hunters aboard Darth Vader's flagship. He was hired to find Han Solo, a turned smuggler who became one of the Rebel Alliance.

As IG-88b set out to hunt for him he encountered Boba Fett and was destroyed by the hunter. IG-88 was aware of the destruction of IG-88b, and IG-88c and IG-88d decided to avenge their counterpart. So they went after Boba Fett but he had defeated them both. IG-88 was not going to ruin his plans for a few wasted droids.

He eventually went to The Emperor's new weapon called Death Star 2. He killed most who stood in his way, hacked the weapon, and used it to fire on a Rebel Alliance starcruiser. But before he could use it for the plans he had come up with the Rebels destroyed it. But IG-88's body floated in space and there could be a chance he would come back.


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