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Oh look, what clever children! See them study, watch them learn! How I hate those goody-goodies! How they make my stomach turn! I got a little secret, that will really make 'em cry! It's a nasty kind of magic from a special kind of guy! This book is made to order, but it isn't to be read. When they open up this book, they're sucked inside instead, to the most unpleasant place they've ever seen; The Magic Labyrinth of I. M. Meen! Very scary and confusing, DESTINATION OF MY CHOOSING! The magic Labyrinth of I. M. MEEN! Hahahaha!
~ I. M. Meen

Ignatius Mortimer Meen, or I.M. Meen for short, is the titular main villain of the 1995 educational computer game I. M. Meen for MS-DOS.


I. M. Meen is a wizard with an unrivaled hatred of goodie-goodie children, who spend all their time reading, and traps them in his Magic Labyrinth with an enchanted book. He sings a song about this during the game's intro, and during gameplay he occasionally appears to taunt the player. He is defeated at the end of the game by "Writewell's Book of Better Grammar", which the player finds with the help of Gnorris, a gnome who works for Meen but decided to help the children escape.

The player travels across the labyrinth, defeating the monsters and rescuing the children, causing the labyrinth's condition to rapidly deteriorate. They eventually confront I. M. Meen himself and defeat him using the Writewell's Book of Better Grammar, which he had stolen and placed in the labyrinth. He swears that he will have his revenge and disappears.


Lost? Frightened? Confuuuused? GOOD! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
~ I. M. Meen

I. M. Meen is an arrogant, insufferable braggart who believes he is the "most powerful magician in the world", even though he gets defeated by kids armed with only good grammar. Meen's arrogance is further illustrated in his terribly written self-insert stories, wherein he portrays himself as an amazing hero loved by everyone.

He is sadistic, self absorbed, and (as his name implies) mean, he is constantly taunting the player character throughout the game and enjoys seeing them suffer. When he is victorious, he loves to rub his victory in. He is also a sore loser who breaks down in tears when the player destroys his labyrinth and swears revenge when he is defeated for good.



  • This game was created by "Animation Magic", the same people who made the infamous Legend of Zelda and CD-i games. As such, Meen has been used as a character in countless YouTube Poop videos. He is usually depicted very negatively in YouTube Poops as well, and is very often portrayed as a pedophile and a child molester.

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