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Hyumina is a character from the Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos video game. She is part of the secondary antagonists in the game, like Aine, Aryutta, and Luna.


Hyumina wears a tall black hat on her head, and a black and pink scope on her left eye. She has a black and pink breastplate , with a red conical attachment on the right of it. One her arms she has black pauldrons with pink hearts with black arm-guards and black gloves,with a longer red gloves underneath. She wears a light grey skirt, with black and pink and red cloth with black circular attachments. On her legs she has metal knee pads with black cloths, and red boots with black metal protectors.


Hyumina is very competitive, and loves to fight, and she hasn't lost a battle yet. No matter how many die around her, she always lives, and comes back stronger than before. She is secretly an obessive weapons collector.


Hyumina has a variety of weapons such as guided razor discs. However, she uses her main weapon, which is a rocket launcher which can be used as a bludgeoning weapon, a spear or a jackhammer. Using the wheels on her boots, she can dash forward and back at super speeds, and she is very physically powerful, able to smash opponents through rock.


  • She's voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara.
  • Many of her attacks and her personal looks could be references to other series from the Mecha genre: Her scope and her shoulders could be a reference to the ones used by the Scopedogs, the main mass-produced AT used by almost everyone in the anime series Armored Trooper VOTOMS.
  • Also, her dashing pose used in one of her attacks resemble the one used by the Knightmare Frames from the Code Geass series.