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Hypnotic Insects

Hypnotic Insects

Hypnotic Insects
are of the different kinds of creatures that Dark Mother possesses the ability to control. Hypnotic Insects are a special kind of insects which acts as the minions of the Dark Mother. They appeared in the W.I.T.C.H comic book series.

Appearance and Abilities

Animated Hypnotic Insect

This animated cockroach in Will's dream world is a Hypnotic Insect.

These enchanted creatures look very similar a cockroach. It displays the ability to gain control of anyone that it has bitten, with the Dark Mother being the controller while the insect acts as a remote control.

The hypnotic insects were ordered by the Dark Mother to attack Will (the only one among the Guardians who haven't found the roots of her powers yet) and lure her to her den. Will, under the spell of these insects, entered a fantasy world guided by the guardians and is also accompanied by an animated cockroach.

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