King Hyperion is the main antagonist of the 2011 action-adventure fantasy movie Immortals. He is the cruel and ruthless king and supreme ruler of Crete, who was bent on avenging the Gods by unleashing the Titans.

He was portrayed by Mickey Rourke who also portrayed the Marvel villain Whiplash.


Hyperion was once a simple man. But when his wife and children grew terribly ill, he pleaded to the Gods to save them. But they ignored his calls and his family all died; in his words, the gods "idly stood by as my [his] family suffered like animals until they died."

After this Hyperion decide to start a war against the Gods as revenge for the death of his family. He wanted to get hold of the Epirus Bow, a magical object that would be able to break the seal holding the Titans in Tartarus, knowing the Gods wouldn't be able to stand a chance against them once they where free.