Hyper Drunk
Hyper Drunk Second Form
Hyper Drunk as Mystery Figure
Defeated Villain Go To Heaven

Main antagonist and final boss of Bubble Symphony. First Hyper Drunk appears as a mysterious figure in the shadows in the very first cutscene. He say "Now Is The Time To Get My Revenge For What Your Parents Did To Me" and turns bub, bob, kululun and cororon in bubble-blowing dragons and even teleport them in his monster land.And now to once again become people and go back home, friends will get to the villain and to teach it a lesson.

Abilities: Hyper Drunk can shoot laser form own crown, fly, use giant alcohol bottles (red is fire blue is frost). He also has a second form, in this form he become golden and trying to pierce a his spear hero bumping it or crush. Also, when it falls on the ground it creates a fire.


However, even a hyper drunk and a final boss, it's actually the true final boss, and to fight with him to find the four magical key, and then after the seemingly last boss will be a huge door and the hero gets into a new world. After a few levels will be super drunk, but he's just a puppet. After defeating him, come the true villain. But after the devastating defeat as strange as it may sound, he went to heaven. (And if you want true hapy ending you must find magical rod and complete game on super mode, code on it will be after fake ending). And bubby, bobby, kululun and cororon (if you find magical rod and complete super mode) turn back in humans and come bakc to home and live long and happy.