Hyper Electro
Tonight, Electro dances with the gods!
~ Hyper-Electro

Hyper-Electro is the final villain in the 2001 PS1 game Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro. He is an almost god-like villain after adding a special powered jewel to a power vest that allows his powers to ultimately become powerful and almost indestructible.

Role in the game

In Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, super-villain Electro goes around New York City and commits various acts of crimes and teams up with other super-villains in order to obtain a special powered suit, called the Bio-Nexus, that can control a city's electrical supply in the palm of their hands. With this suit, Electro can become an ultimate and almost indestructible god-like menace to the city. But in order to complete the suit, he must have a special powered jewel, called Zeus's Tear. When he steals the jewel from a museum, he heads at the top of a large building and there he becomes Hyper-Electro. There, Spider-Man uses the electrical towers on top of the building in order to overload the Bio-Nexus suit and make Electro lose his ultimate powers. In the aftermath of the game, Thor is given credit for stopping Electro rather than Spider-Man, and Electro is sitting in a prison cell with most of the villains that helped him and whines about losing to Spider-Man.


  • Before the game was released, the final boss battle was to take place at the top of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. But the September 11, 2001 attacks had just happened in the final months of the game's development and the developers changed the final boss stage out of respect for the victims.
  • Just like with Monster Ock from the previous Spider-Man game, he is an exclusive Spider-Man villain in this Spider-Man video game and hasn't appeared in a Spider-Man comic book.
  • At the end of the game, Thor takes credit for Hyper-Electro's defeat. There was even a scene where Thor comes to meet Spider-Man after the final boss battle. But due to the 9/11 attacks, the scene was cut.


Spiderman 2 Enter Electro PSX-PC Parte 8 (Hyper-Electro)

Spiderman 2 Enter Electro PSX-PC Parte 8 (Hyper-Electro)