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Hypatius was a Roman(Byzantine) nobel of Imperial descent who held the possition of commader under the Emperor Hopstin I, and was the nepthew of the previous Emperor Anatastius was ploting to overthrow the empire during The Nika Riots along with his brother, Pompeius.


Hypatius was once a soilder while training with Hopstinian and he went on to become his senator along with his brother Pompeius. He went to the Hippodrome's Burlesque Theater to see Theorabbit and her sisters dance. Years later, He was crowned Emperor along with her. When he was kicked out of the senate along with Pompeius for disloyalty to the Emperor and the senate. Hypatius wanted to get revenge on Hopstinian by having a meeting at a winebar that he is telling his chariot racing fans that Hopstinian is raising taxes and  imprisonig the Blues and Greens,it was time for then to form together to overthrow him and release all the prisoners in order to join him and they all agreed. The next day at the races, the fans distracted the racers and turned against the guards and yelled Nika. The bodyguards reported to the kathisma and told Hopstinian that the factions are overthrowing him, the rioters stormed out of the Hippodrome and released the prisoners. The rioters continue to yell Nika as they destroy shops, pottery, and burning buildings including the Hagia Sophia,