Hyena is a villain of the Marvel and DC crossover comic book series, Amalgam. He is a combination of DC's The Joker and Marvel's Sabretooth. He is the archenemy of Dark Claw, a combination of DC's Batman and Marvel's Wolverine. His real name is Creed Harley Quinn.

Creed Quinn was chosen along with Logan Wayne to become a living weapon in the Weapon X Project. Both survived, but while Logan diverted from their plans for him, Creed went to accept it, and became a remorseless and psychopathic killer. He soon became obsessed with killing Dark Claw.

Hyena possesses many elements of both halves of his amalgamation characters, including a white painted face with a mane of wild green hair, long claws, and an insane smile. He has the savageness of Sabretooth along with the twisted wit of Joker. He leads a gang called the Pack, and wields explosives which he calls "frolic frags".